Receive two carefully selected 50g packs of JING teas every month for 3, 6 or 12 months. To help you on your tea voyage, we will also send you a free JING Infuser Mug to help you make your new teas perfectly around the home or at the office.

3 Month Subscription (UK & EU) £55.00 Add to Basket
3 Month Subscription (International) £75.00 Add to Basket
6 Month Subscription (UK & EU) £105.00 Add to Basket
6 Month Subscription (International) £135.00 Add to Basket
12 Month Subscription (UK & EU) £250.00 Add to Basket
12 Month Subscription (International) £260.00 Add to Basket
LevelExplorer, Gateway

Every month receive something new and exciting to help develop your tea knowledge. No one month is the same, giving you a definitive introduction to the world's finest teas for your choice of 3, 6 or 12 months. 

At the beginning of every month, you will receive two carefully selected teas and, with your first delivery, you will also receive one of our modern and easy-to-use Glass Infuser Mugs.

Order before Friday 20th December 2013 to receive your first installment of teas and free Glass Infuser Mug for Christmas. 


JING Earl Grey & JING Chai


 Jade Sword & Dragon Well


White Peony & Silver Needle


Assam Gold & Ceylon 


Whole Chamomile Flowers & Whole Rosebuds


Jasmine Pearls & Jasmine Silver Needle


Iron Buddha & Yellow Gold


Darjeeling First & Second Flush


Bohea Lapsang & Yunnan Gold


Taiwan Ali Shan & Big Red Robe


Flowering Osmanthus & Flowering Jasmine & Lily 


Vintage Raw & Cooked Mini Puerh Cakes 

Our teas selection is subject to stock availability. A suitable alternative will be chosen if the selected tea is unavailable. 

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  • 5 stars rating

    Something nice to look forward to

    Jon Holt, Sep 2010

    If you have tried all the explorers and other sets, then this is worth trying. You get sent 2 different types of tea each month, and I always look forward to receiving them each month. As this is a great way to try teas that you wouldnt normal choose, in addition to ones that you do buy.