Master the Art of Tea Making

Thursday 30 October 2014 by Matthew

The Art of Making Tea

The perfect opportunity to engage your senses and enjoy a moment of calm and inspiration.

Stage 1

Start by warming your teapot, pitcher and cups. 

Stage 2

Add your leaves and savour the exquisite aroma as they are gently warmed.

Stage 3

Watch as the leaves unfurl, releasing fantastic colour and flavour.

Stage 4 v2

For an even infusion in each cup, decant into a pitcher before serving.

Stage 5

Sit back, relax and enjoy! 

The Wuyi Collection by JING and William Curley

Friday 10 October 2014 by Matthew

Wuyi Collection by William Curley and JING Tea

The Wuyi Collection by JING and William Curley.

In celebration of the UK’s Chocolate Week we have partnered with London’s finest chocolate company, William Curley, to present the ultimate tea and chocolate pairing. The Wuyi Collection

Using these naturally rich notes and silky smooth texture of our Wuyi Oolong as the source of inspiration, William Curley has created an utterly unique Wuyi chocolate and selected two award-winning chocolates to beautifully complement the tea’s deep, roasted flavours.

The Wuyi Collection includes:

30grams of Wuyi Oolong

Rich, roasted and autumnal with fragrant notes rose and peach.

Wuyi Caramel Chocolates

A deep yet rich chocolate infusing caramel with the amazing complexity and aroma of JING Wuyi Oolong, resulting in hazelnut, floral and autumnal fruit notes.

Muscovado Caramel Chocolates

A classic award-winning recipe, recognised by the Academy of Chocolate in 2011, the muscovado brings a deep molasses flavour to this caramel creating a rich and indulgent texture. Paired with the JING Wuyi Oolong this is a decadent and extremely moreish combination.

Piedmont Hazelnut Chocolates

Prepared with the finest hazelnuts available (sourced from the mountainous Piedmont region of northern Italy) and feuilliantine (a thin wafer). This chocolate has a wonderfully satisfying crunchy texture which balances the smooth nuttiness of the JING Wuyi Oolong.

Available online from 13th October until Christmas 2014 here

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Rejuvenating Tradition - Translocating Iron Buddha

Thursday 25 September 2014 by Matthew

Tradition Iron Buddha Supreme

Tea is often at the whim of popular taste and nowhere is this trend more evident than in Anxi, China. By local and popular demand annual crops of Iron Buddha tend to be made into lightly oxidised and floral oolongs that can lack depth and complexity.

Each year we strive to find an Iron Buddha with a balance of fresh flavours and darker notes. Too heavily roasted and the fresh “green” flavour is lost; too lightly roasted and it lacks warmth and complexity. At the expense of this tendency for lighter oolongs, the precision and skill to produce that crucial balance has sadly gone forgotten.

This year we uncovered an Iron Buddha miles from its orthodox centre - Taiwan. Just south of Taipei, a group of Taiwanese tea makers are rejuvenating Iron Buddha and bringing to life traditional methods that previously defined this tea.

With optimum growing conditions and raw material, this traditional Taiwanese Iron Buddha is thick and creamy, has an almost syrupy texture, and a wonderful taste combining honeyed sweetness, baked fruit and chocolate flavours – just what we have been looking for!

The 5 kilos we managed to secure have just arrived - Hurry, it won’t last long.

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