A Gift of Tea & Chocolate

Thursday 10 April 2014 by Matthew


William Curley


We are delighted to work with William and Suzue Curley who produce an array of stunning chocolates and patisseries. Their unique fusion of British and Japanese flavours places them at the heart of culinary innovation.

Their ever-changing delectable patisseries and chocolate artworks are prepared daily at their shops in Richmond, Belgravia and Harrods. Also don't miss their delicious ice cream! 

For your chance to enjoy William Curley’s award-winning Sea Salt Caramel Couture Chocolate with 10 grams of our rich & malty Assam Gold place an order between now and midnight on 14th April 2014.


Assam Gold & William Curley Sea Salt Caramel Couture Chocolate



Find out more about William Curley, visit their online shop here or one of their establishments.

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Nilgiri Frost is Here!

Friday 28 March 2014 by Matthew

Blog Post

Nilgiri often suffers from a poor reputation when it comes to their tea and this is largely to do with their history of focussing on low quality CTC (crush, tear, curl) production.

Fortunately, Nilgiri’s climate and altitude are conducive to excellent tea and many are breaking with tradition to produce small batches with very unique flavours. Our Nilgiri Frost is testament to this skill and expertise found outside India’s orthodox regions of Darjeeling and Assam. 

Nilgiri Frost is plucked as winter eases into spring amidst the rolling hills of Southern India. When the season begins to turn and the days become warm and bright but the nights’ temperatures still plummet, the young leaves are picked. Their exposure to these extremes develops Nilgiri Frost’s unique taste.

Nilgiri Frost combines two distinct characteristics: the richness and complexity of teas produced in Sri Lanka and the crispness and clarity of a spring green tea.

These two complementing flavours are found in the striking appearance of the tea – dark, wiry leaf sprinkled with greenery. Nilgiri Frost is quickly withered and dried so that fragments of the leaf are fixed in their natural green state. Without water these fragments cannot oxidise and are bursting with fresh, grassy flavour. The rest of the leaf is slowly oxidised to give deeper, darker and richer dimension to the tea.

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JING Wuyi Oolong - Water Sprite

Friday 28 March 2014 by Matthew

Wuyi, Fujian Province, China

Wuyi captures the heart of many oolong fans. Year after year, teas cultivated and expertly produced in the rich soils of the region offer an unrivalled complexity and character.

We keep a keen eye on this region, sampling the offerings from the hundreds of tea gardens, in search of the classic balance of rich and roasted flavours and smooth and silky texture.

Wuyi, Fujian Province, China

Wuyi offers numerous Oolongs made from different sub-varieties of the tea plant, each with their own nuance of flavour, honed by the masters who produce them. 

Nearly all share the qualities of gentle warmth through their deep roasting, lifted by sweetness and high fruit-like notes, with varying degrees of depth of roast and lighter qualities. Their production requires precise control of many subtle stages, to produce their balanced flavours.

This year we’ve found a fantastic Water Sprite (Shui Xian). It’s rich and autumnal with fragrant notes of rose and peach – A great entry level tea to not only Wuyi oolongs, but the darker oolongs China has to offer.


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