Rejuvenating Tradition - Translocating Iron Buddha

Thursday 25 September 2014 by Matthew

Tradition Iron Buddha Supreme

Tea is often at the whim of popular taste and nowhere is this trend more evident than in Anxi, China. By local and popular demand annual crops of Iron Buddha tend to be made into lightly oxidised and floral oolongs that can lack depth and complexity.

Each year we strive to find an Iron Buddha with a balance of fresh flavours and darker notes. Too heavily roasted and the fresh “green” flavour is lost; too lightly roasted and it lacks warmth and complexity. At the expense of this tendency for lighter oolongs, the precision and skill to produce that crucial balance has sadly gone forgotten.

This year we uncovered an Iron Buddha miles from its orthodox centre - Taiwan. Just south of Taipei, a group of Taiwanese tea makers are rejuvenating Iron Buddha and bringing to life traditional methods that previously defined this tea.

With optimum growing conditions and raw material, this traditional Taiwanese Iron Buddha is thick and creamy, has an almost syrupy texture, and a wonderful taste combining honeyed sweetness, baked fruit and chocolate flavours – just what we have been looking for!

The 5 kilos we managed to secure have just arrived - Hurry, it won’t last long.

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JING Tea Timer

Tuesday 16 September 2014 by Matthew

Tea Timer

How long should I infuse my tea? Our Tea Timer is a simple, elegant solution to that crucial question.

Making fantastic tea, vibrant in colour and delicious in taste, is greatly down to the time the leaves are left to infuse.

Our new tea timer gives the perfect amount of time (3 minutes) to tease out all the flavours masterfully captured within the leaf.

Turn your JING Tea Timer and find calm and inspiration as you wait for your tea to infuse - these three minutes are for you to relax and focus.

Watch the dry leaf rejuvenate and unfurl, gradually infusing the water with enticing and deep flavour and vibrant colour.

We’ve crafted our tea timers from borosilicate glass for ultimate durability and clarity.

Our new Tea Timers are exclusively available here.

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How Earl Grey Should Be

Tuesday 19 August 2014 by Matthew

 JING Earl Grey Black Tea

We've thought long and hard about what makes great Earl Grey. The quality and variety of Earl Grey available is vast and no two Earl Greys are the same. The result comes down to the careful selection of two ingredients - the base black tea and the bergamot flavour. Unfortunately many Earl Greys are composed of weak or low quality black teas covered-up or overpowered with synthetic bergamot flavouring - the result is disappointing and often one dimensional.

The selection of these two key components is paramount. How do they interact, support and complement each other? We've selected a beautifully rich and smooth tea from Sri Lanka and added a touch of natural bergamot scent to uplift and enhance the authenticity of the base beneath. Find out what our customers think of the results...


So many Earl Greys are insipid and forgettable. This is not the case with JING’s offering. The base tea is strong and deep as the bergamot surges through. Marie Gallagher, JING Customer


I’ve had a real romance with Earl Grey and this Summer, I’ve found the very best. It comes from a company called JING. A Life of Geekery, Food & Lifestyle Blogger


JING makes good on their promise of a superior leaf. Deeply satisfying and expertly blended, this offering will please black tea lovers as well as Earl Grey fans. Sophie, Teaviews



We selected this single origin Sri Lankan tea for its full taste and wonderfully smooth texture.


Scenting with fragrant bergamot lifts the rich base tea, creating a perfectly composed classic.

Earl Grey Loose LeafEarl Grey Tea Bag

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