The finest white tea expertly scented with fresh Jasmine flowers for a delicate and soothing infusion. 

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RegionChina, Fujian
TypeWhite, Scented, Jasmine
TasteFragrant, Refreshing
Time of DayLunchtime, Afternoon
RangeTea Bags

Silver Needle is China’s finest white tea. Its perfect, downy buds are picked and sun dried in April, in the mountains of China’s Fujian Province. In August, the tea is laid beneath a bed of fresh jasmine flowers for seven consecutive nights, marrying the sweet white tea with a fresh, fragrant jasmine aroma.

As we use the same high quality tea in our teabags as our loose leaf tea, there's plenty of flavour to last 2 or 3 infusions.

Choose between 12 loose teabags in our signature gold bag or 100 individually wrapped teabags.

Appearance: Fine, pale, light downy tips

Infusion: Pale, silvery olive-green liquor

Aroma: Subtle, teasing jasmine over sof, sweet vanilla dusted white tea base with citrus zest freshness

Taste: Super-delicate flavours in which the light, understated orchard blossom sweetness combines with fragrant jasmine to soft, vanilla effect

  • Made for each-other

    Nathalie Pirard, 6 Jul 13

    5 stars rating
    My English is not good enough to make a long review, but this combination is a perfect match, more even than jasmine and green tea, who become easily bitter. Made me smile when I fist smelled it, make me smile when I drink it... Now I bring those little bags everywhere with me...
  • Excellent

    Sharon Sung, 3 May 13

    5 stars rating
    i love this light, fragant, fresh tea... i have been repeating the orders...
  • Best tea I have ever tasted. Without a doubt!

    Sascha, 2 Nov 12

    5 stars rating
    Without going into any technical details, I can say this is the best tea I have ever tasted. I had been drinking green teas from the supermarket for years and then found this in a cafe and noted it and bought a round on returning home. Smooth, gently fragrant, light, low in caffeine (great if you are pregnant and don't want to go without hot drinks). All in all, I wish I'd found it sooner! The jasmine loose leaves are also fantastic for making a pot.
  • Pleasant Experience

    Lynn, 3 Oct 12

    5 stars rating
    Firstly, I've tried this tea at Westin Grand in Bangkok and couldn't forget its taste and wonderful aroma. The scent is so fresh and aromatic, and the taste is just perfect for everyday's tea - morning and afternoon. I drink it all day long! Thank you JING Tea for such a wonderful product. I'd recommend this tea to anyone!
  • Everything pales in comparison

    Miss Suzie Aston, 18 Mar 11

    5 stars rating
    I love Jing Tea, especially the Jasmine Silver Needle. I have converted all my friends who are all now hooked! I couldn't survive a day at work with out Jing!
    I also was privileged to try a mango tea (my office is below Jing's HQ) and is amazing! would totally recommend!
  • Brewing for this was simple....

    Geoff @, 8 Jul 10

    5 stars rating
    So proud are JING of their jasmine-scented offerings that the flower actually has its own category listing. Now that is love. While I can't share their adulation for jasmine in general, I will nod in approval at the combination of jasmine and Silver Needle. Past blends of these two I've tried met with palate approval. The two flavors just mix well.

    The aroma of the pyramid sachet plumed its blunt, blossomy goodness. Luckily, it wasn't overbearing like some jasmine greens I've had the misfortune of coming across. (Note to Tea Blenders: Strong jasmine scenting does NOT cover a poor-grade, vegetal green tea. It makes it worse.) I couldn't smell the Silver Needle aspect at all, but honestly, white tea doesn't have much of a scent to begin with. Especially Yinzhen.

    Brewing for this was simple and laid out per the vendor website; 1 teabag to 1 cup (likely 8oz) of hot water for up to three minutes. They did not stress a temperature observence, but to be on the safeside I went with 165F. Jasmine - if done wrong - could be powerfully pungent. Some like that sort of thing, I don't. I prefer it understated, and as such, brewed 8oz for two-minutes-thirty.

    After the conservative steep time, it brewed to a..."kinda" green color. One would have to really be looking to see it. I had my glasses on, thankfully. Silver Needle usually yields a pale infusion, but this was alarmingly so. The scent, however, was the exact opposite. It was a wallop of jasmine petal potency. Even by scented green tea standards, let alone white. The taste relieved me quite a bit. It, of course, had the floral "Falcon Punch" to it but settled into a berry-ish tone that was rather pleasant. White teas sometimes do take on fruit or berry notes alone with some residual nuttiness, usually when brewed exactly right. Going with the two-minute-thirty median paid off perfectly.

    This is the second (or third?) JING bag I've given a nine (or above?) to. I'm starting to look biased. Cut it out, guys.
  • Delightful

    Ms Niamh Whiteley, 24 Mar 10

    5 stars rating
    Somebody bought these teas for the office and I discovered the Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea with glee!! The only problem I'm facing now is that it's proving horribly popular and I don't want to be forced to steal..but..??? So Jing: I'll hold you responsible for any eventualities! Super delicious tea in a bag (and it's true, you really can use the bag at least twice as I'm doing it now and it doesn't loose the deliciously soft smooth flavour) Will be ordering soon once stocks here deplete! thanks :-)

Produced in China, Fujian

Fujian Province, China

Fujian Province, China