Attabarie Estate

Assam Gold Black Tea is one of the best Assam teas we have tasted. Composed of whole black leaf and a huge proportion of golden tips. For the dedicated Assam connoisseur.

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GiftFor Him
RegionIndia, Assam
ReviewThe Guardian
Time of DayMorning, Afternoon
RangeLoose Tea

Our Assam Gold Black Tea is an exquisite example of the Assam teas produced on Attabarie Estate. The Attabarie Estate is found in India’s subtropical north east and is renowned for its rich alluvial soils from the Bramhaputra River.

Attabarie Estate produces delicious full bodied Assam Tea with its characteristic malty strength and notes of fruit and spice.

Our Assam Gold Black Tea is the product of carefully handpicked whole tea leaves and generations of orthodox tea production.

*Based on 3g per serving, infused twice.

Appearance: Dark, tight black and brown leaf softened with profuse golden-orange tip

Infusion: Deep, glowing russet-ruby

Aroma: Bright, sweet and harmonious, hinting at raspberry leaf and citrus peel, toasted buckwheat and cream

Taste: Balanced, deep and harmonious flavours combining subtle red fruits, fired leaf and toasted grains.  The tannins are subtle and coaxing, giving a rounded and complex texture

  • excellent

    Federico Calboli, 29 May 12

    5 stars rating
    I have to say, thank you Jing for providing us with an excellent ortodox production assam. The fact it is ortodox production, rather than CTC does make a huge difference. The tea is robust assam, full of taste and aroma, and the larger leaves make it much better to infuse without getting loads of tannin in the brew. If all the CTC around has made you think it's time to abandon assam tea, think again. This tea is just superb, and will not let you dow.

Produced in India, Assam


Assam, India