Wuyi Bohea Hong Cha

Richly and smoulderingly smoky yet with great harmony and wealth of aroma, leaving an impression of almost peaty warmth.

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RegionChina, Fujian
TypeBlack, Lapsang
TasteRich, Fragrant, Complex
Time of DayMorning, Afternoon
RangeOrganic, Loose Tea

EU Soil Association Organic

The difference between Bohea and commercial Lapsang is enormous, perhaps similar to the distinction between mass-produced whiskies and slowly made, properly aged, artisan malts.

Drying the leaves slowly over barkless pine wood fires gives Wuyi Bohea soft, lingering smokiness, making it an incredibly easy-to-slip-down and sophisticated after dinner tea.

Certified organic by the Soil Association.

*Based on 3g per serving, infused twice.

Appearance: Dusky, dark, cinder-black twists of whole leaf

Infusion: Surprisingly pale for such a dark tea: deep hazel-yellow with golden rim

Aroma: Calm, serene and reassuringly smoky: the smell of warm sauna pine. Subtle and haunting

Taste: Palate Soft, gently smoky, warm yet refreshing, too, with a supple, creamy, liquorice-root finish.

  • Fabulous smoky tea for a rainy British afternoon...

    Mr Richard Thomas, 24 Mar 10

    5 stars rating
    Lapsang has always been a favourite, with its peaty, smoky aroma redolent of an Islay malt. The Bohea is sublime - a gentle peatiness on the nose with a warming, rich flavour that dispels winter blues and makes you think of log fires and leather armchairs. Ideally leave a good five minutes to infuse. Perfect on its own, or with fruit cake and a slice of Cheshire cheese.

Produced in China, Fujian

Fujian Province, China

Fujian Province, China