Fuding Bai Mu Dan Cha

Picked from Fuding Hengchunyuan Jia Yang garden between 1st and 12th of April 2014. A delicious introduction to Chinese white teas. Composed of two-leaf and bud sets, White Peony is renowned for its refreshing character and sweet taste. 

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RegionChina, Fujian
TasteRefreshing, Sweet
Time of DayLunchtime, Afternoon
RangeLoose Tea

This year's White Peony is a very high-grade example of the tea. Picked and processed in Fuding, in Fujian Province, China, our White Peony undergoes natural, slow ambient drying. This makes the tea soothing and gentle on even the weakest stomachs. Drink it any time of day or night.

The sets of two deep green leaves, and downy silver buds produce a pale golden green infusion that exudes freshness. 

*Based on 3g per serving, infused 3 times.

Appearance: Fine, downy two-leaf and bud sets, silver tips and rich green leaves

pale golden with slight green hints

fresh honeyed sweetness with fruit and vegetable notes

delightfully refreshing, rounded and full in flavour, with hints of cucumber and melon

  • Clean and sweet

    Katharine Finlason, 5 Jan 13

    4 stars rating
    A beautiful quaffable white tea with the definitive flavour of sweet hay. Clean but calming - a nice alternative to Chamomile and without the thick texture.
    Marked as 4* as personally I prefer a little kick, but what a pleasant drink!

    Best taken in the afternoon or early evening.
  • Lovely taste at a good price!

    Miss Nicola Perkins, 11 Mar 11

    5 stars rating
    This tea turns out a lovely golden colour with a nice taste to match. It has a great balance to it - it has a deeper flavour than a silver needle, but still retains the lovely essence of a white tea.

    A great way to relax in the afternoon, and I'm especially impressed with it because of the economical price!

Produced in China, Fujian

Fujian Province, China

Fujian Province, China