Relax and focus with a tea ceremony refined over millennia. Chinese in essence but modern in form, our Gong Fu Tea Set equips tea connoisseurs and new comers alike with all you need to share and enjoy loose leaf tea.

Glass Gongfu set £30.00 Temporarily Out of Stock Notify Me

1x250ml Glass Teapot, 1xTea Pitcher, 2x80ml Cups, in Jing Gift Box (Without Water Tray)

Glass Gongfu Master £43.20 Temporarily Out of Stock Notify Me

1x Glass Gongfu Set, 1x Bamboo Water Tray

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Watch your tea leaves unfurl, the intensity of the infusion, and enjoy the subtle nuances of taste and texture; the making and enjoyment of perfect tea is at the heart of this beautiful design.

Using a small volume teapot over multiple infusions allows for the ultimate engagement, and our borosilicate glass showcases the visual quality of loose leaf tea preparation.

The small pitcher is there to decant your tea between infusions, ensuring a perfectly balanced cup and allowing your leaves to breathe before the next infusion.

The glass Tasting Cups complete your ceremony, whether pouring for one or shared between many.

All JING Glass is Dishwasher Safe and 100°C Safe.

Choose between our Gongfu Glass Tea Set & Gongfu Master which includes our hand-made Taiwanese bamboo water tray.


    Katharine Finlason, 2 Jan 13

    5 stars rating
    I first used this tea set in 'Teacup' and it added a whole new dimension to the tea I was drinking, so I searched for it online (expecting a hefty price tag) and was pleasantly surprised!
    Amazing value for such gorgeous, simplistic design.

    I'm in love ♥
  • Great set for Chinese tea lovers

    Mr James Birch, 19 Oct 10

    5 stars rating
    I bought this set after a meal at the Fat Duck where this set is used. I fell in love with it there and the waiter kindly pointed me in the direction of JING's website.

    I bought the set including the bamboo tray and now use it almost everyday. The small teapot allows you to control the infusion of the tea very easily. I usually use a lot of tea and infuse for a short time and always get good results. Preparing tea in Gong Fu style is often a fairly wet affair as you'll get the best taste if you warm up all the items before you make the tea by rinsing them with hot water so I would recommend getting the set with the tray so that this run off water can be captured below.

    All in all a great set, a little simple luxury for everyday use!
  • A good value

    Mr. Marko Vatovec, 11 May 10

    3 stars rating
    This is a good set, although mine has some flaws in craftmanship which are probably due to being hand made - water somehow came in between the walls of one cups and the teapot filter has a rather large, uneven hole.
    Overall, for this price, it's a great value and it's functional, the QC seem to not be the best though. In any case, it's a good buy.