Our Herbal Infusions

Unlike tea that originates from one plant, herbal teas incorporate a wealth of plants and herbs from all around the world, each one distinct, with a unique flavour and aroma. A common misconception is to call a herbal infusion a ‘herbal tea’ when they are, in fact, not tea at all.

The flowers, herbs and fruits that make up our herbal infusions are selected with the same meticulous approach as our loose-leaf tea, so that they burst with vibrancy. At most, we might combine two of these to create complementary blends – such as our lemongrass & ginger, or blackcurrant & hibiscus – but, largely, we focus on the goodness and authenticity of one, whole flavour. 

Chamomile Flower

Where Do They Come From?

To preserve the flavours and aromas, we believe in the beauty of intervening as little as possible. Our herbal infusions are sourced from one single origin – just as our loose-leaf teas are – so that they capture the authenticity and clarity of each flavour.
Most importantly, our herbal infusions are all naturally flavoured. The fruits, herbs and flowers are simply dried, leaving them with as much of their natural flavour and goodness as possible. They make a fresh and uplifting alternative to caffeinated tea: naturally caffeine-free, high in anti-oxidants, and deliciously aromatic in taste.

Tips for Making Herbal Infusions

Fruity or cleansing, intense or delicate – once you’ve chosen your favourite flavour, you’ll want to make a cup. Here’s how to get the very best from your herbal infusion.

Tip One

Only measure out what you need. 

Getting the tea to water ratio correct is essential in extracting the very best flavour. Most of our herbal infusions need 2tbsp per cup (250ml), apart from our Blackcurrant & Hibiscus and Rooibos, which require only 1tbsp per cup.

Tip Two

Heat your water to 95-100°C 

Remember that leaves and buds weigh varying amounts, so always check the individual instructions for each tea.

Tip Three

Infuse to taste

We’d recommend 3-minutes but with herbal teas, it’s really how you prefer it.

If you wish, re-infuse for a further cup or two – again, each herbal infusion will have its own guidelines for this. Many of them are suitable for another, and two at most.

Tip Four

Always store your tea in a cool and dry area.

Our tea bags and tea caddies are designed to ensure that the tea stays fresh – they’re airtight, sealed, and opaque to block out sunlight.

Picking the Right Herbal Infusion For You

Peppermint Leaf Loose Tea


Our whole peppermint leaf has a striking potency and fragrance. Full of intense, fresh mint flavour, it is the perfect refreshing and cleansing calm after a busy day.

Many people believe that the menthol in peppermint has healing qualities, so it is commonly used to aid digestion and soothe the stomach.

Blackcurrant And Hibiscus Loose Tea

Blackcurrant and Hibiscus

Our vibrant and fruity Blackcurrant and Hibiscus is made using whole blackcurrants, berries and cracked hibiscus shells. This is a bright, thirst-quenching tea with long-lasting flavour. Its sweet, floral notes make this a comforting and flavoursome beverage, perfect for a relaxed afternoon.

Chamomile Flowers Loose Tea


From an ancient Egyptian cure to a Greek apple-like refresher, Chamomile tea is steeped in history. It remains a popular choice of herbal tea today, both for its scent and soothing quality. We use the whole chamomile flower to make the tea so that we capture the breadth of flavours, including its delicate floral and mellow notes. With its calming qualities, chamomile is often drunk late in the evening or before bed.

Want to explore?

A selection of herbal teas

 Herbal Tea Explorer

Our Herbal Tea Explorer is designed to allow you to explore our world of whole herbals in a loose leaf format.

Perfect for newcomers, or as a great tea gift. It comes with:

10g Whole Rosebuds
10g Chamomile Flowers
10g Lemon Verbena
10g Peppermint Leaf
10g Blackcurrant & Hibiscus

Closed Box of Herbal Teabag Selection

Herbal Tea Selection

Our Herbal Tea Selection Box comes with 21 teabags, filled with whole herbal leaf and fruits.

7 x Lemongrass and Ginger

7 x Peppermint

7 x Blackcurrant & Hibiscus


What Others Are Saying…

Enjoying Peppermint Tea in a JING Infuser Mug
Customer, Samantha Johnson

Whole Peppermint Leaf

‘There really isn’t a fresher, richer blend avaliable, and I’m a big believer in spending the most amount of money on the things you get the most use out of.’

Loose Rose Buds in a JING Infuser Mug
Designer, Laura Butler Madden

Whole Rosebud

‘I’ve given up caffeine this month and my new favourite start to the day is whole rose bud tea. It looks, smells and tastes divine.’