Single Garden Tea is Exceptional
    Here's why you should try it.
    Everyone Wins If You Buy Organic
    By the end of this year, 80% of our teas will be organic or have our own Made Without Pesticides stamp on them. Here’s why.
    Thirst For Better Tasting & Sustainable Tea Drives Change In Tea Habits
    In the UK every year we use 61 billion tea bags – that’s enough to cover 31,000 football pitches. Most of these will end up in landfill, as the materials used to make tea bags are very often not biodegradable.
    What Sustainable Gastronomy Means To Us
    As a team of foodies, UN Sustainable Gastronomy Day is something we really care about. Find out what this means to some of the team and how we've been putting it into practice during lockdown.
    China's Approach To Tea Branding Is Paying Off
    China's approach to tea branding is paying off. But these brands are not what you might expect. There are no Chinese equivalents to PG Tips or Typhoo here – the brands relate directly to the provenance and style of each tea.
    Why UN International Tea Day Matters
    The first ever International Tea Day highlights our sector’s problems, but it is also a chance to explore ways to alleviate them. Here's why supporting organisations like the UN and events like International Tea Day matters.
    Plastic Free Tea Bags: Why Are They So Much Better?
    Making sure you use plastic free teabags is important, not only...
    Gifts For Tea Lovers You Can’t Go Wrong With
    Choosing the perfect gift can be a challenge, so we’ve put together a list of the ten best gifts for tea lovers, that we think everyone will enjoy.
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