Sichuanese Aubergine & Green Tea | Tea Pairing
    Discover our recommended Chinese green tea pairing with an easy recipe from Chef Andrew Wong.
    Beetroot Brownies with Lemongrass & Ginger | Tea Pairing
    In the UK, January is a great month for an abundance...
    Vanilla Black Chocolate Tart | Tea Recipes
    A black tea recipe for JING Vanilla Black infused into this decadent milk chocolate tart.
    Yunnan Gold Tea Rubbed Beef | Tea Recipes
    Organic beef rubbed with crushed Yunnan Gold tea, spices and seasoning for a succulent roast.
    Earl Grey Baked Sea Bream | Tea Recipes
    Our recipe for whole seabass poached in Earl Grey - a fragrant, uplifting & delicate dish for Christmas.
    Assam Gold Tea Eggs | Tea Recipes
    A traditional recipe from China, we've recreated these tea eggs and gilded them with gold for the festive season.
    Oolong Pears & Brown Sugar Meringue | Tea Recipes
    A JING team recipe for pears poached in Wuyi Oolong & served with brown sugar meringue.
    Chocolate Panna Cotta & Poached Plum | Tea Pairing
    Panna Cotta is the perfect base for big flavours, especially when paired with an unusual and striking tea. Discover the pairing now.
    A Guide to Oolong Tea
    Discover the most rewarding tea type with our guide to oolong teas.
    Molten Chocolate Lava Cake | Tea Pairing
    Discover our recipe and pairing for this delicious smoky black tea.
    Cep Fudge & Iron Buddha Oolong | Tea Pairing
    Easy to make, surprisingly delicious, and a bit of a conversation starter, discover our Oolong Tea Pairing now.
    JING Explains: What is a Tea Cultivar?
    When it comes to tea, what is a 'cultivar' and why is it important?
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