JING Tea Cocktails | East London Liquor Company
    Three distinct cocktail recipes with tea, developed by our expert friends at East London Liquor Company.
    Oolong Poached Peaches | Tea Pairing
    Deliciously sticky peaches poached in oolong tea for a summer treat. Discover the simple recipe now.
    A Guide to Organic Tea
    What is organic tea? We answer all of your questions in this short guide.
    A Guide to Scented Tea
    Forget artificial flavourings, our scented teas are natural, fragrant and quenching. Find out more.
    Five Reasons You'll Love Our Peppermint Tea
    Love peppermint tea? Here are five facts you might not have known about this bestseller.
    Cold Infused Silver Needle Tea with Elderflower
    An easy guide on how to cold infuse tea with fresh, seasonal June elderflower.
    Top Five Tea Gifts for Father's Day
    Looking for a thoughtful tea gift for the father figure in your life? Our short guide ought to help.
    Earl Grey G&Tea Cocktail | World Gin Day
    An easy and delicious recipe for a JING Earl Grey tea cocktail - celebrating World Gin Day 2017.
    Date and Pumpkin Seed Granola | Tea Pairing
    A breakfast tea pairing to start the day, from our friend & foodie Mira Manek.
    Vegan Asparagus Tempura & Matcha | Tea Pairing
    A pairing for Matcha green tea and seasonal British Asparagus: Vegan and gluten-free, too.
    Tea for Two | A Guide
    Preparing and drinking tea is an uplifting experience. Why not share the moment and enjoy tea for two?
    Filled Portobello Mushrooms & Sencha | Tea Pairing
    An easy recipe for grilled mushrooms, filled with cheese, nuts, and beetroot. Paired with Japanese Sencha.
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