Deep Dive Into Earl Grey
    Earl Grey, a black tea blend from Hidellana and Sithaka tea gardens in Ruhuna, Sri Lanka with natural flavourings of bergamot citrus.
    Thirst For Better Tasting & Sustainable Tea Drives Change In UK Tea Habits
    In the UK every year we use 61 billion tea bags – that’s enough to cover 31,000 football pitches. Most of these will end up in landfill, as the materials used to make tea bags are very often not biodegradable.
    Is Loose Tea Better?
    We think a bigger loose tea revival is overdue. There are plenty of benefits to choosing loose over teabags, but now more than ever we need to reduce consumption of unnecessary packaging – and in many situations, teabags fall into this category: products with unnecessary packaging.
    Watch JING in The Roca Brothers' New Documentary
    Earlier this year we had some very special visitors in our store in St Christopher’s Place – Josep Roca, one of the three Roca Brothers who are 3-star Michelin chefs and owners of El Celler de Can Roca, and The Macallan whisky maker Steven Bremner. They were filming for their new documentary ‘Distil Your World’, which shows three Roca Brothers and Steven embark on an explorative journey to some of the most iconic places in the world.
    Our August Food Heroes
    Find out which foodie books, podcasts and TV series have been inspiring us to get creative in the kitchen this month.
    Sourcing Update: Assam Breakfast 2020
    It’s been a hard year for Indian tea origins, but against the odds, Tom's found second flush Assams have a richer colour and intensity than previous years. Find out why and what to expect from this year's Assam Breakfast.
    Our July Food Heroes
    Want some weekend inspiration? Discover which new videos, books and podcasts we’ve been loving for a food, travel and culture fix from home.
    Sourcing Update: July
    As he hits peak sourcing season, Tom, our Head of Tea, shares what teas have been on his tasting table this month and what you can expect to be drinking this year.
    What Sustainable Gastronomy Means To Us
    As a team of foodies, UN Sustainable Gastronomy Day is something we really care about. Find out what this means to some of the team and how we've been putting it into practice during lockdown.
    Our Lockdown Favourites
    Explore some of our favourite books, shows and podcasts for a food, nature and travel fix from home. From Ron Finley to the brains behind the company 'Row 7 Seeds', meet some of the heroes we've been inspired by in lockdown.
    Lockdown Latest: Production Update From Darjeeling
    We spoke to producers in Darjeeling who are now facing the challenge of social distancing while picking and producing teas since lockdown rules were lifted – it's quite a change. Find out how they're managing and what it impact it's having on tea production.
    Lockdown Latest: Weather the Biggest Factor in China
    We spoke to producers across Hangzhou, Hunan and Yunnan to find out what teas you can expect this year.
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