JING Tea Masterclass | London | Chelsea Physic Garden
    Join us for an exclusive, limited day of JING Tea Masterclasses at London's beautiful Chelsea Physic Garden, Sunday 22nd April.
    Chinese New Year 2018 | Year of the Dog
    Discover more about Chinese New Year 2018: traditional activities, the Chinese Zodiac, and tea recipes to try at home.
    Toasted Sesame Shortbread & Oolong | Tea Pairing
    Deliciously short, buttery biscuits with toasted sesame seeds, matched with a creamy oolong tea.
    Anji Green Tea and Seabass Ceviche | Tea Pairing
    Discover a fresh and zesty recipe that pairs in character with our fresh Anji Bai Cha 2017.
    Is tea the new wine? | The Pour
    As the trend for enjoying alcohol declines, we speculate the rise of specialty tea in hospitality.
    Wilder x RYE London | Seasonal Supperclubs
    We're excited to announce a collaboration with chef Richard McLellan. Book your tickets now.
    London Review of Books
    WIN a year's subscription There are a few things we can...
    How to Create a Tea Menu | The Pour
    Our tea buyer, Tom Price, discusses how best to design your tea menu to create a great experience.
    Ed Eisler | The Value of Tea
    Listen to our founder, Ed Eisler, as he discusses the real value of a cup of tea. Originally aired on Monocle Radio 24.
    Traditional Chinese Egg Cakes | Tea Pairings
    A simple pairing for Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea and traditional Chinese egg cakes.
    Our Dong Ding Taiwanese Oolong Tea Returns
    We've found an exemplary Dong Ding oolong. FInd out more about this delicious Taiwanese tea.
    Chinese Pork & Chive Dumplings | Tea Pairing
    A simple recipe for a light green tea pairing. A perfect early Spring dish.
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