Deep Dive: What Makes The Taste Of Yunnan So Special?
    Yunnan is home to some epic natural resources, including mountain ranges...
    Dive Into Taiwan & Its Teas
    Journey to central and northern Tawian as we delve into two of our single garden oolong teas – Oriental Beauty & Ali Shan.
    Meet Talat Ahmed
    He's a third-generation Assamese tea planter and manager of Orangajuli Garden, passionate about nature, wildlife and using his experience to help support the future of Assam's tea industry.
    Snapshots of Spring
    Spring is the most important time of year for tea, so we've been speaking to the master producers we partner with to find out how spring 2021 is shaping up for them.
    Meet Tea Maker: Shentang Wen
    Meet Tea Master Shentang Wen who produces our Organic Dragon Well Supreme. Dragon Well is China’s most famous green tea.
    Meet Yong Luo
    Get to know what life is like living on Shuang Ji Niang, a remote mountain in China’s Phoenix range, with producer Yong Luo who makes our Phoenix Honey Orchid tea.
    Meet Subroto Sen
    Get to know what life’s like in Darjeeling with producer Subroto Sen. He’s a pioneer of organic farming and long-time head of Badamtam, one of the region’s oldest and most innovative gardens. Sen came to Darjeeling for the fish and to escape the office thirty five years ago. He stayed for the mountains, the dancing, the dumplings and for the “self-drinking” tea.
    Sourcing Update: Jasmine Tea
    Jasmine tea is one of China’s most exported teas. It’s the one...
    Meet Ishiyama
    Meet tea producer Ishiyama in his garden in Shizuoka. We caught up with him to chat about climate change, organic farming and his favourite ways to enjoy a cup of Sencha.
    Sourcing Update: Assam Breakfast 2020
    It’s been a hard year for Indian tea origins, but against the odds, Tom's found second flush Assams have a richer colour and intensity than previous years. Find out why and what to expect from this year's Assam Breakfast.
    Meet The Miyazakis
    Meet the producers behind our Gyokuro tea: The Miyazakis. We caught up with them to find out how the season has been for them and how they are inspiring future generations of tea professionals in Japan.
    Sourcing Update: July
    As he hits peak sourcing season, Tom, our Head of Tea, shares what teas have been on his tasting table this month and what you can expect to be drinking this year.
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