A Taste of Clarity

Enjoy a Fresh, New Habit

For 2017, we’re looking to everyday habits that are simple and healthy. Whether that’s time spent on your favourite hobby, a short walk, or a carefully made cup of uplifting, great tasting tea, we believe that a daily moment of focus is all we need to remain mindful. Tea is a personal drink and we all enjoy it differently. Here, however, we’ve curated the best for the season by their health benefits, as well as teas that are caffeine-free. Discover teas that are clear and bright not only for the reasons above, but to enjoy newfound moments with a taste of clarity. 

Tea Types

Come with us on a journey through the best teas for the season – from a bright and vibrant green tea, to the mellow notes of delicate white tea, or a freshly picked herbal.

Dragon Well Tea Leaves After Firing

Green Tea

There are hundreds if not thousands of green teas in China alone. The best green teas are delicious and fresh, as if drinking the essence of spring.

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Picking Tea Leaves on an Estate

White Tea

Heralded for its health benefits, the sweet, soft texture and thirst-quenching character of white teas make them an excellent choice for drinking throughout the day.

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Fresh Tea Leaves Before Being Picked

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas need never be dull. Packed with flavour and naturally caffeine free, ours are created using freshly picked and dried whole herbs, flowers or fruits.

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A Few of Our Favourites

Dragon Well Loose Tea

Dragon Well

China’s most prized green tea. Pan fired and hazel sweet

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Jasmine Pearls Loose Tea

Jasmine Pearls

Sweet green tea pearls scented with only fresh jasmine flowers

From £3.00

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Jasmine Silver Needle Loose Tea

Jasmine Silver Needle

Delicate buds of white tea, scented with only fresh jasmine flowers

From £3.05

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Lemongrass and Ginger Loose Tea

Lemongrass & Ginger

Zesty, fragrant and refreshing with warming ginger

From £1.20

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Come on over to our blog. We talk tea and meditation with expert Maureen Cooper, walk you through the world of tea and help you discover more about your favourite tea type and beyond.

Woman Picking Tea Leaves on an Estate

A Guide to Green Tea

Dispelling myths and providing tips, we guide you through the vibrant and delicious world of Green Tea.

Freshly Picked Single Tea Leaf

Tea and Caffeine

Have you ever wondered how much caffeine is really in your tea? Find out now.

JING Infuser Mug on a Sunny Table

Tea and Meditation

Maureen Cooper, our meditation consultant, discusses simple every day tea ceremonies with wellbeing in mind.

Make Tea Well

To reveal the beauty of your infusion, we’ve chosen the best glass teaware to make your loose tea a simple, everyday pleasure.

Glass One Cup Teapot - Tea for One

One Cup Teapot

Our perfectly proportioned hand blown single serving teapot

From £32.00

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JING Tea-iere with Infusion


Our simplest piece of teaware with a 100%

From £25.00

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JING One Cup Teapot with Infusion

Two Cup Teapot

Hand blown and designed for ease and everyday use. Ideal for sharing

From £42.00

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JING Infuser Mug with Infusion

Tea Infuser

Enjoy all the benefits of loose tea effortlessly

From £26.00

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To me tea is art…

“It’s slowing down, warming up. It’s taking the time I need to stretch out and recharge. Anyone who knows me will confirm I don’t go one single day without at least one cup of tea!… It’s a habit I cultivated years ago, but it’s not actually been always there. I don’t even know how I got into it in the very first place, but somehow I’ve found my way through it and learned to love that moment of peace that comes with pouring, filtering and sipping.”


Giada Correale
Miel Café • Life & Personal Style Blog



Pouring Hot Water into a JING Infuser Mug on a Table
Jasmine Pearls Loose Tea
Fresh Picked Jasmine Flowers in the Palm of a Hand
JING Infuser Mug on a Sunny Table
Ali Shan Loose Leaf
Picking Tea Leaves on an Estate
Loose Lemon Verbena Ready to Infuse in a 400ml Tea-iere
Two JING Infuser Mugs of Tea on a Tray