COVID-19 Update – London Store Re-opened

During these uncertain times, we remain in regular touch with our partner farmers across China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka and Taiwan – all of whom are working to high levels of health and safety – and supporting them where we can.

Store Reopened
We are delighted to announce that our store in St Christopher’s Place, London has now re-opened.

To help create a safe environment for you and for our team, we have put the following covid measures in place:
- We are limiting the number of people in the store at one time.
- We encourage people to shop on their own, however exceptions will be made if, for example, you are with children.
- You must wear a mask before entering the store. Disposable masks are available on request and our team will all be wearing masks.
- You will be provided with hand sanitiser upon entering the store.
- There will be perspex shields in place where social distancing isn’t be possible, for example at the till and the tasting bar.
- We are operating cashless. Please make sure you have your payment cards with you before visiting.
- We kindly ask that you refrain from handling products you don’t intend on purchasing. If you have any questions, you can ask our team for further information.
- If you know what you want and don’t need to browse, our team can serve you at the door.
- We will be thoroughly cleaning the store on a regular basis.

Online Experiences
For those who would need or prefer to shop from home, our online store is available and we are also offering complementary 121 video consultations with our tea gurus and a programme of online tastings. Please see our Experiences page for details of how to book.

Thank you for your continued support during this challenging time and we hope you are all staying safe and well.


Catherine Archer, CEO, JING Tea