Loose Tea

Drinking loose tea is the best way to explore the incredible variety of flavours that Asia's great tea regions have to offer. Explore our range of single garden teas that embody the unique essence of their origin and the skill of their maker.

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    1. From Ruhuna, Sri Lanka
    2. From Tai'Chung, Taiwan
    3. From Fujian, China
    4. From Guangdong, China
    5. From Zhejiang, China
    6. From Assam, India
    7. From Chenjia Garden, Ali Shan, Taiwan
    8. From Mancotta Garden, Assam, India
    9. From Ruhuna/Dimbula, Sri Lanka
    10. From Asahina Valley, Shizuoka, Japan
    11. From Dazhai Garden, Fujian, China
    12. From Shuangji Garden, Guangdong, China
    13. From Yong'an Garden, Hangzhou, China
    14. From Ludong Garden, Hunan, China
    15. From Huangcun Garden, Fujian, China
    16. From Jiazhu Garden, Sichuan, China
    17. From Ximeng Garden, Yunnan, China
    18. From Donghzai Garden, Yunnan, China
    19. From Ishiyama's Garden, Shizuoka, Japan
    20. From Sasamodo Garden, Shizuoka, Japan
    21. From Assam, India
    22. From Iran
    23. From Cederberg, South Africa
    24. From Bavaria, Germany
    25. From Dahei Garden, Yunnan, China
    26. From Assam, India (blend)
    27. From Zhenyuan County, Yunnan, China
    28. From Yamaguchi, Ijichi & Kumada Gardens in Kagoshima, Japan
    29. From Da Hei Garden, Yunnan, China
    30. From 72K Garden, Taichung, Taiwan
    31. From Kirishima Chuou Garden, Kagoshima, Japan
    32. From Podravina, Slavonia, Croatia
    33. From Dixu Garden, Yunnan, China
    34. From Okayti & Pussimbing Gardens, Darjeeling, India
    35. From Huangliyang Garden, Zhejiang, China
    36. From Wulong Garden, Anhui, China
    37. From Gaoyuan Garden, Guangdong, China
    38. From Yunxia Garden, Taoyuan, Taiwan
    39. From Tonganagaon Garden, Assam, India
    40. From Marusen Isagawa Cooperative, Shizuoka, Japan
    41. From Jiulongke Garden, Fujian, China
    42. From Liwu Garden, Zhejiang China
    43. From Mengjiao Garden, Yunnan China
    44. From Dahei Garden, Yunnan China
    45. From Yongde Garden, Yunnan China
    46. From Heng Shan Garden, Zhejiang China
    47. From Tumsong Estate, Darjeeling, India
    48. From Xiangmiao Garden, Baojing County, Hunan, China
    1. Li Shan - Loose Leaf Oolong Tea Leaves - JING Tea
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      Oolong Tea Li Shan Pineapple, Honeysuckle, Cream From 72K Garden, Taichung, Taiwan
    2. 232
      Organic Jade Sword Loose Tea 232
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      Green Tea Jade Sword™ Organic Green Tea Floral, Edamame, Cut Grass From Liwu Garden, Zhejiang China
    3. 232
      Organic Yunnan White Peony Loose Leaf Tea 232
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      White Tea Organic Yunnan White Peony Uplifting, Sweet, Rounded From Dahei Garden, Yunnan China
    4. JING Tea Whole Rosebuds Loose Leaf Organic Herbal Tea
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      Herbal Tea Whole Rosebuds Rose, Fresh Meadow, Bay Leaf From Iran
    5. JING Tea Ceylon Breakfast Loose Leaf Black Tea
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      Black Tea Ceylon Breakfast Malty, Black Pepper, Citrus Peel From Ruhuna/Dimbula, Sri Lanka
    6. Fennel, Ginger & Peppermint - Herbal Loose Leaf Tea - JING Tea
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      Herbal Tea Fennel, Ginger & Peppermint Intense, Cool, Refreshing From Bavaria, Germany


    Drinking loose tea leaves is the best way to explore the incredible variety of flavours that Asia's great tea regions have to offer. Our range of single garden loose leaf teas embody the unique essence of their origin and the skill of their maker, and represent some of the best loose tea in the UK.

    Selection of loose leaf tea by JING

    We specialise in organic loose tea. From Japanese loose teas like our Organic Hojicha to Chinese loose teas like Wuyi Oolong, we are dedicated to sourcing only the finest leaves, including some very special loose green teas. Then it’s over to you… How to make loose tea? It’s easier than you think. On every packet, we put simple instructions, including how much loose tea per cup and the optimal time to let it infuse for the perfect cup.

    Loose tea benefits: What is it good for?

    The benefits of loose tea are many. Right now, we all need to minimise our use of unnecessary packaging. If you’re making tea at home, you don’t need a teabag. Loose tea also gives you a better drinking experience. It opens up a whole new world of variety and flavour – because so many of the best teas never make it into bags. Loose leaf teas also tend to cost less than the equivalent teabags, so you’ll save money too.