Tea Caddy

Our signature gold caddies are filled with a selection of single origin loose leaf teas from our range, airtight sealed for complete freshness. The perfect tea gift, choose from 12 varieties, gift sets and empty customisable storage caddies.

    1. JING Tea Jasmine Pearls Caddy Green Tea Packaging_Resized
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      Green Tea Jasmine Pearls Tea Caddy Sweet, Floral, Enticing From Fujian, China
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    2. JING Tea Iron Buddha Caddy Oolong Tea Packaging_Resized
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      Oolong Tea Iron Buddha (Tieguanyin) Tea Caddy Floral, Creamy, Refreshing From Fujian, China


    Each elegant, gold JING Tea Caddy is filled with the freshest loose leaf teas from our collection, and sealed to be completely airtight for total freshness. An ideal tea gift, choose from 12 varieties, or from our tea caddy gift set curations. We also offer empty, customisable storage tea tins for your kitchen.

    Order a loose leaf tea caddy online

    A tea caddy for loose tea makes a great gift – like all of our teaware – but it also stands out in terms of tea storage. To retain freshness and quality, tea needs to be stored well. Every JING tea caddy tin is carefully sealed to ensure the tea inside stays fresher for longer.

    Why store loose tea in a tea caddy?

    Our tea caddy will protect the leaves of your tea from light and invasion by other aromas. All you have to do is keep the tea caddy away from heat sources. For maximum freshness, our green and white teas can even be kept in the fridge. To avoid dampness and condensation, just be sure to bring the tea caddy up to room temperature before you open it.