Fruit & Floral Infusions

The true taste of quality

Our new Fruit and Floral herbal tea range delights the taste buds for a moment of pure indulgence. In contrast to other flavoured fruit and herbal infusions, which typically deliver tempting aroma but disappointing taste, our infusions deliver a truly superior experience – hand-crafted from the highest quality ingredients of real fruit, whole flowers, natural herbs, and nothing else.

A revolutionary, low-impact process instantly dries the ingredients within a vacuum to maintain supreme taste clarity.

Each combination has been developed by JING’s Head of Tea, Tom Price, who spent 2-years sourcing and selecting ingredients and even more time yet blending them to create products structured for texture, balance and a lasting finish, rendering infusions that are bright and expressive on the palate, and that deliver superior, natural flavour.

What to Look ForThe True Taste
Quality of Herbal Tea

Colour & AromaBeautifully bright ingredients that are naturally fragrant, rendering a crystal-clear infusion.
SizeWhole flowers, pieces of fruit or leaves, that dance in water, and slowly release their full flavour.
TasteA clear and true expression of the ingredients, fully balanced and bursting with naturally delicious taste.

Presenting the Range

Pineapple & Osmanthus


A highly fragrant infusion of sweet pineapple, osmanthus and chamomile flowers.

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Green Apple & Hibiscus


Pieces of apple, lemongrass and hibiscus: a bright, crisp and refreshing infusion.

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Raspberry & Rose


A delicate yet fruity infusion of raspberry, rosebuds, rosehip and osmanthus.

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Strawberry & Rooibos


A rich, rounded infusion of rooibos, strawberry and fragrant elderflower.

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Fruit and Herbal Tea Explorer Set

Experience Them All

JING Fruit and Floral Tea Explorer Set

Discover the full range and find your favourite(s) with a sample of each tea, plus a tasting guide and the story of how the range came to life. Choose to include our one cup ‘tea-iere’ – an effortless tea infuser that reveals the spectacle and clarity of your infusion, fully decanting into the perfect cup.

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