Gift Ideas

Share the rich, diverse flavours of Asia’s single garden and single origin teas, and the simple tools and accessories to make them with our selection of gifts – perfect for any beginner, tea lover, or connoisseur.

    1. JING Loose Flowering Jasmine and Lily Bulbs in a Glass Tube
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      Flowering Tea Flowering Jasmine & Lily Floral , Honeyed, Enticing From Fujian, China
      £9.504 Bulbs
    2. Brewista Artisan 900ml Gooseneck Kettle
      100% of 100
      5 out of 5
    3. Matcha Shaker
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      Teaware Matcha Shaker
    4. JING Two Cup Tea-iere for Loose Leaf tea
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    5. One Cup Tea-iere Red Dragon infusion
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    6. One Cup Teapot with White Tea
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    7. Tea Timer
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      Teaware Tea Timer
    8. One Litre Tea-iere Set - Infusion - Teaware - JING Tea
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    9. Glass Cup & Saucer, 300ml - Infusion - Teaware - JING Tea
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    10. Tea Master Set
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      Teaware Tea Master