For many tea connoisseurs oolong teas offer the most complete tea experience of all. Our Oolong Tea Explorer includes some of the finest oolongs from China and Taiwan – a window in to this wonderful tea type.

JING Oolong Tea Explorer with Tea-iere £49.05 Add to Basket

1x400ml JING Tea-iere plus 10g samples of Taiwan Ali Shan Oolong, Iron Buddha Oolong, Oriental Beauty, JING Wuyi Oolong, Li Shan Oolong.

JING Oolong Tea Explorer Teas £24.05 Add to Basket

10g samples of Taiwan Ali Shan Oolong, Iron Buddha Oolong, Oriental Beauty, JING Wuyi Oolong, Li Shan Oolong.


JING Oolong teas are definitive examples of their type, capturing the freshness of green teas and the richness of black teas in perfect balance. The range of teas included in this Explorer set give an insight into the complexity and depth found in the oolong variety.

The complex flavour of oolong teas are derived from multiple repeated stages of oxidisation, shaping and firing.

Our JING Tea explorer set is beautifully presented in our JING gold box.


Oolong Tea Explorer Includes:

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  • 5 stars rating

    Good to explore

    JaneyKay, Aug 2015

    A nice selection of teas to discover and explore. I was happy to see the instructions on each pack according to the type.

    Li Shan is my favourite and I'm surprised how creamy it tastes ... and the fact that I can have 3 small cups or 2 mugs of tea from each teaspoon of these teas.

    A good introduction to something new.
  • 5 stars rating

    A Really Good Idea

    Tina, Apr 2012

    I'd already tried Jing Iron Buddha oolong and knew I liked it, but had no idea how good the other types of oolongs are as well.

    Jing Oolong Tea Explorer is a really good idea for trying the different varieties, and would make a great gift for the tea lover.

    Phoenix Honey Orchid - my new favourite :)

Produced in China