Two Cup Tea-iere™, 500ml

Our Two Cup Tea-iere™ is the ultimate modern tea infuser, designed to make preparing loose tea for two a simple pleasure.

"The game-changer for me was JING’s simple Tea-iere."

As featured in The Guardian by Fiona Beckett.

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Two Cup Tea-iere™, 500ml


With the right tools, making loose tea does not have to be intimidating. Our Two Cup Tea-iere™ enables you to get the best out of your tea: it is similarly designed to a cafetiere, but without the plunger to allow the tea leaves space to impart their incredible flavours. When making tea, always make the right quantity for your cups, as tea left over-infusing will never taste as good. Fully decant your infusion evenly between two cups as soon as it’s ready. The capacity of this Tea-iere™ pairs perfectly with two of our Glass Cups & Saucers.

Capacity - 500ml


Our Glass - Stronger, Brighter, Clearer

  • 5 Years

    Every master who makes JING Glass has a minimum of 5 years’ experience hand-blowing and crafting glass.

  • 10 Steps

    Making each piece requires mastery of a minimum of 10 steps. At every stage, the glass is heated and shaped into our signature designs.

  • 4 Days

    Each piece of JING Glass takes four days to produce. Slow heating and cooling enables the highest degree of precision and detail.

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  1. Rating

    2 months ago

    Love it...

    I bought this primarily because I wanted to watch flowering tea open up and the glass tea pot that is part of my Jing Gung-Fu set (please start selling that set again Jing).

    The Tea-iere is a beautiful item that is clearly manufactured to a very high standard and the two cup version is the perfect size for me and the odd family member who decides to join my tea drinking.

    Really does add something to my tea experience.
  2. Rating

    5 months ago

    The perfect gift for a tea-lover!

    My boyfriend loves all different types of tea. He's wanted a tea-iere ever since we had flowering tea served in one at a Wagamama restaurant a while back. So I've bought him a Jing Tea-iere for Christmas! It's the perfect gift for a tea-lover, and we can now have great quality, delicious and refreshing tea in the comfort of our own home! Thank you, Jing!
  3. Rating

    8 months ago

    Excellent Tea Maker for couple ????

    Easy to taste many kinds of teas. It is easier to clean up and change to other tea. You can see the color of every brewing through the glass... dreaming of tastes ???? excellent tool for breakfast tea and afternoon tea break. Nothing to hide. Add more tea colors on the table.
  4. Rating

    10 months ago

    Poor quality lid

    Lid overly tight, very difficult to remove. The lid also came apart on first use. One problem I can live with but 2 issues - it’s being returned. I noticed a previous reviewer has mentioned the same problem.


    Thank you for letting us know your feedback. We always appreciate it, even when something isn’t quite working how we would hope. All our Tea-ieres are hand-blown, and as such their lids can fit more or less securely. It sounds like your Two Cup Tea-iere lid fits a little more loosely than your Two Cup Tea-iere and it is causing more leaves to escape than you are used to. Please email us on [email protected] so that we can organise a replacement Tea-iere for you.
  5. Rating

    11 months ago

    Two Cup Tea-iere™, 500ml

    This tea infuser is a simple beauty, excellent in displaying the jasmine flowering arch. It doesn't leak when pouring. Very neat. However, one draw back is that it's very hard to take the cap off when you want to add water for the next infusion. Disappointingly, the metal infuser cap breaks apart and cannot be screwed back after just a few use! What I can only do now is to take off the filter with curled wire and just use the mess filter. It still works but not as neat anymore.


    Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review and it’s great to hear you enjoyed the Flowering Jasmine Arch in your Teaiere. I am sorry to read that you’ve had issues with the lid though. Whilst the lids are hand-built and so occasionally do come loose, when this happens they should be very easy to screw back together. This means what you’ve described should not happen. We would therefore like to send you a replacement lid/ Teaiere, if you would like to receive this, simply drop us a note at [email protected] with your delivery details and we will get this sent to you. All the best, Felicity. JING Tea Customer Services
  6. Rating

    1 year ago

    Fantastic product

    I am loving my two cup tea ware! It’s good for keeping myself hydrated!
  7. Rating

    1 year ago

    Absolutely love it!!

    For the last year we have been enjoying the wonders of good loose leaf tea. We have learnt that having the right vessel to brew our tea in is so important too. This two cup Tea-iere is brilliant. As well as getting the best out of tea, it looks pretty, is easy to handle and cleans up very well. Our only slight issue is in the morning we like bigger cups of tea. So we have now also bought the 1l version for the mornings and use the 2 cup for green tea in the afternoons. My advice would be if you want more than a 2 small cups order the 1l. Thank you JING
  8. Rating

    1 year ago

    A game changer and thirst quencher

    I love my one-cup tea-iere, but always found I wanted a "longer" drink (i'm used to big mugs of tea). This is the perfect thirst-quenching tea infuser, encouraging me to enjoy my loose-leaf tea throughout the day, with no-mess and no-fuss. And it looks beautiful, too. Thank you, JING.
  9. Rating

    2 years ago

    A joy

    Marvellous. Keeps the bits out of my cuppa & it doesn't leak when pouring.
  10. Rating

    5 years ago

    So simple

    I find this two cup tea-iere so much easier and more convenient that a teapot, especially for cleaning. Markings on the side for 1 cup or 2 cups are so helpful if I'm just making for myself!
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