One Litre Tea-iere™ Set

Share loose tea amongst friends with our 1-litre glass Tea-iere tea infuser.

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One Litre Tea-iere™ Set


Our 1000ml JING Tea-iere paired with four beautiful Twin Wall Tea Glasses. Carefully designed to match in style and volume with a modern, elegant feel. Unlike cafetieres, our Tea-iere does not have a plunger. Instead, the filter is built into the lid. Your tea leaves can fully open, giving their best taste and visual display. The lid is easy to remove and both lid and the glass body are dishwasher safe. The Tea-iere can be used for all types of whole leaf loose teas, as well as for flowering teas and cold infusions. The perfect volume for making between 4 - 5 cups of tea at a time. We recommend including our 1000ml Teacanter to your set. Matched in volume the Teacanter enables you to fully decant your infusion before pouring between cups, ensuring a perfectly balanced, delicious cup of tea in each.

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    1 year ago

    Jing tea set

    Looks stylish and classy , love the cups don’t get hot , a great addition to any kitchen