Valentine's Gifts

We've created a collection of romantic gifts, perfect for any tea lover. From signature glass teaware sets to floral and sweet Whole Rosebuds, treat your Valentine to a better cup of tea.

    1. 232
      JING Tea Whole Rosebuds Loose Leaf Organic Herbal Tea 232
      98% of 100
      4.9 out of 5
      Herbal Tea Organic Whole Rosebuds Delicate, Floral, Enchanting From Iran
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    2. Jasmine Pearls Sparkling Tea and glass
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      Sparkling Tea Jasmine Pearls Sparkling Tea Floral, Dry, Refreshing
    3. Jasmine Tea Gift Set With Box
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      Jasmine Tea Jasmine Tea Gift Set
    4. Flowering Tea Gift Set with Box
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      Flowering Tea Flowering Tea Gift Set
    5. Digital Gift Card
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    6. JING Tea Jasmine Silver Needle Caddy White Tea Packaging_Resized
      73% of 100
      3.65 out of 5
      White Tea Jasmine Silver Needle Tea Caddy Mellow, Floral, Refreshing From Yunnan, China
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    7. JING Tea Jasmine Pearls Caddy Green Tea Packaging_Resized
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      Green Tea Jasmine Pearls Tea Caddy Sweet, Floral, Enticing From Fujian, China
    8. JING Loose Flowering Jasmine and Lily Bulbs in a Glass Tube
      85% of 100
      4.25 out of 5
      Flowering Tea Flowering Jasmine & Lily Floral , Honeyed, Enticing From Fujian, China
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      Organic Yunnan Breakfast 232
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      Black Tea Organic Yunnan Breakfast Enlivening, Spicy, Smooth From Da Hei Garden, Yunnan, China
    10. JING Tea Earl Grey Caddy Black Tea Packaging_Resized
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      Black Tea Earl Grey Tea Caddy Bold, Fragrant, Uplifting From Ruhuna, Sri Lanka
    11. Earl Grey Loose Tea
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      Black Tea Earl Grey Bold, Fragrant, Uplifting From Ruhuna, Sri Lanka
    12. JING Two Cup Tea-iere for Loose Leaf tea
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    13. Porcelain Tea Infuser
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