How to Make Loose Leaf Tea


Enjoy a deliciously balanced cup every time

Knowing how to make loose leaf tea is simple. With our fuss-free ‘tea-iere’ tea infuser range, good water, and your choice of loose leaf tea, you can ensure a full-flavoured, perfectly balanced cup every time.

The easiest way to make loose leaf tea

A simple guide on how to make loose leaf tea and to help you get the best from them; enjoying a perfectly balanced and flavourful cup of tea every time.

How to make tea video image - step 1 measure leaf

Room to infuse

Use loose, large leaves that have been carefully sourced, selected, and packed for freshness. Giving tea leaves space to move in the water renders a full-flavoured infusion owing to the convection currents that swirl the water around the leaves and aid infusion. Large leaf tea provides a slower rate of infusion, which helps extract the full depth of flavour, from light high notes to deeper texture and character. If you need the convenience of a tea bag, select one that contains whole leaf tea and use a pyramid shape bag with plenty of space for the leaves to move.

How to make tea video image - step 2 add filtered water

Water Quality

At home, we always recommend filtered or softened water. We worked with the team at Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner to also determine which mineral water was most effective. We found that Highland Spring had a good balance and not too many strong mineral notes to really make the flavours of the tea sing.

Hard water and limescale have a significant impact on taste, owing to a higher concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium that build-up. Not all mineral waters are suitable for tea, as they vary in taste and complexity owing to the levels of salt and sulphur naturally present.

How to make tea video image - step 2 add filtered water

Water Temperature

This is crucial. The differences between the tannins in black and green teas means that specific water temperatures are needed to develop and balance flavours fully.

BlackOolong, Pu erh, Herbals 95+°c

GreenWhite and Yellow teas 70-80°c

70-80°C bring out the freshness and sweetness of green tea, without extracting bitter tannins. This applies to white and yellow teas too.

Boiling water brings out the rich, complex and fruity tannins in black teas. This temperature applies to pu erh, oolong and herbal teas.

Always check the label on our teas for the perfect temperature.

A temperature-controlled kettle is the simplest solution.

Or, for 70°C-80°C water, add 20% cold before topping up with boiling water.

How to make tea video image - step 3 time infusion
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Proportions, Time & Decanting Fully

With every tea, we recommend the exact amount per 250ml serving, and the amount of time to let the tea infuse - 3-minutes is best for a perfect balance, but you might like yours stronger or weaker.

Always separate the water from the leaf, fully decanting your tea for a complete, rounded flavour. Leaving water on the leaf will extract bitter tannins and more caffeine. Select a teapot with a capacity to match your cup (or cups) or decant into a serving jug.

Re-infusing is one of the many beauties of high quality leaves. Oolong and pu erh lend themselves best to multiple re-infusions. An aged pu erh can be re-infused up to 7- times. Greenwhite and yellow teas can also be re-infused around three times according to taste. Black teas are less suited to multiple infusions but usually will provide you with two.

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Enjoy - and some tips on storage

Our teas are all packaged in either a sealed foil ziplock bag; or packed into our signature tea caddies, designed to support the highest level of freshness before and after opening. Good quality tea is harvested only once a year and should be preserved as close to its original state as possible. Delicate teas are altered by heat, light, humidity and strong odours: so we recommend storing in a cool, dark place and in protective air-tight packaging. Glass, plastic and paper containers are not recommended.

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