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How To Make Loose Leaf Simply


Our guide to making the perfect cup, whether you’re new to loose leaf tea or you simply want to get the best taste from your leaves...

How To Make Loose Leaf Tea In 5 Easy Steps

All You Need For The Perfect Cup:

With the right kit, making loose tea is just as easy as preparing a tea bag – no fuss, no mess.

We’ve put together our ultimate JING™ Loose Leaf Starter Kit, designed for those new to tea with everything you need to make the perfect tasting cup of loose leaf. Each set includes:

Loose Leaf vs Supermarket Tea Bags?


Supermarket Tea Bags:

Low Quality Tea

No Distinct Origin

Could Contain Oil-Based Plastics

Extra Packaging


JING™ Loose Leaf Tea:

Traceable To A Single Origin or Garden

Crafted For Distinct Taste

Less Packaging

Can Be Re-infused

Why Single Garden Tea?

Single garden simply takes the concept of ‘single origin’ one step further.

Single origin products are traceable to a particular place and showcase the taste of that place. Single garden dives a little deeper and seeks out the very best individual people and places within that origin.

Think of single garden tea as the equivalent of choosing wine from an individual estate in France or a single malt whisky from your favourite Scottish distillery – a single garden tea is a singular tea. You won’t find another one like it.

Better Tea Made Easy

Found a tea that you love? Then discover the right teaware to help you create infusions that unlock a whole new world of loose leaf flavour. Crafted in strong, clear glass and beautiful porcelain, our simple to use teaware takes the fuss out of loose leaf.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect way to make a single cup or tea to share, we’ve got you covered. Discover the easy way to better tea.

Find A Tea You’ll Love

With so many different infusions to choose – from green to black, oolong to herbal – it can be difficult to know where to start. Try our Tea Finder and get your personalised tea recommendation instantly. Answer four questions about what you like and how you want your tea to make you feel, and we’ll show you your perfect tea.