Tea Timer

Time your tea infusion to perfection with our elegant 3-minute sand timer, a must-have accessory for tea making.

Tea Timer


Timed to 3 minutes, our hand-crafted glass Tea Timer can be used alongside the recipes found on each tea page to ensure you make a flavourful cup every time. In our modern world, taking the time to prepare loose tea can create a simple moment of ceremony. While the tea is infusing, there is an opportunity to pause, and focus on watching the leaves unfurl and the colour of the infusion develop – a beneficial ritual to calm the mind and connect with the present moment.


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  1. Rating

    4 months ago

    elegant object

    I love this elegant object, so handleable if that is a word, I keep turning it upside down to watch it, it feels so good in the hand, and to look at.
  2. Rating

    5 months ago

    Lovely little tea timer

    Lovely little tea timer which fits very nicely with my Jing Gung Fu set. Stops me from being too eager to drink the tea before it's brewed and also adds to the sense of occasion.
  3. Rating

    6 months ago

    Can’t do without it!

    I broke my previous timer and couldn’t wait to replace it. Elegant, silent (no annoying beeping from timer) and used whenever I make tea (several times a day)
  4. Rating

    6 years ago

    Excellent Glass Quality Timer

    I love the rounded edge design and high grade glass quality for a simple centuries old timer. A good companion and sight to behold for all tea drinkers.
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