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11th June 2013


2013 Dragon Well Tea

Organic Dragon Well

Organic Dragon Well Supreme

The beauty of a great Dragon Well (Long Jing) green tea is in its balance of verdant freshness and satisfying nuances of roasted hazel easy to enjoy but so difficult to find a really good example.

Edward Eisler, sourcing Dragon Well, April 2013

Beginning with the Leaf…

The quality of the raw leaf is the foundation.  This year, an organic garden, nestled in mountains near the ancient Song Dynasty capital of Hangzhou, captured our hearts and mouths with its pure, plump buds and leaves.

Mastering Firing…

The leaves are just the beginning: an over-fired Dragon Well (so often seen) is dull and without spring-freshness; too lightly fired and the tea tastes raw and unsatisfying. Edward Eisler, took the time to spend days with the tea makers, tasting every batch and working with them to refine the firing to perfect result.

How to Enjoy…

Dragon Well - Perfect Serve

It is fine to enjoy the aromas, texture and taste of Dragon Well on its own. But in China, the best new season’s new teas are served alongside a spread of simple treats: cherry tomatoes, bright green pistachios, melon and sunflower seeds...enjoy with friends or indulge alone.

This year we’ve managed to source two Dragon Well teas worthy of the JING mark, available now from JING.