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10th June 2014


2014 Darjeeling First Flush Supreme


Steinthal tea garden at the lofty height of 2,000m and nestled amidst fields of cardamom, orange trees and lemongrass, is the home of our 2014 Darjeeling First Flush Supreme.

Knowledge of Steinthal’s remarkable history (over 160 years) and of this unique terroir filled us with much excitement even before sampling this year’s harvest.

This year’s first flush is supremely light and floral with a pleasing astringency and hints of that the elusive muscatel flavour. Its bright infusion with sweet taste and lively mouthfeel clearly stood out amongst the best.

Darjeeling First Flush’s delightful appearance is the result of hard-withering before it commences the traditional black tea process. With a lower moisture content, the tea does not fully oxidise as it enters this second stage of processing and so these beautiful “green” elements remain.

We air shipped this year’s 1st flush and nitrogen packed it to ensure it arrives just as it left Darjeeling.