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16th August 2016

By Tom Price

After Years of Searching

Oriental Beauty Supreme

Hailing from lower altitude gardens of Hsinchu county, we are delighted to introduce this exemplary grade of Oriental Beauty. After 4 years of searching, we’ve finally found a version worthy of this title.

We have stocked Oriental Beauty for many years, but rarely do we offer a “supreme” grade indicative of exceptional quality. It is rare to find such a good example and whilst I taste top-grade options every year, the last time one came up to scratch was four years ago.

What makes this batch special?

Firstly, it is flawless. Oriental Beauty is notoriously difficult to make and we often come across flavour flaws: overbaking resulting in burnt chocolate taste, or woody aromas from insufficient oxidisation are the most common.

Secondly, it really sings with a complex spectrum of flavours and aromas backed up by a sweet and syrupy infusion. Smelling the wet leaf you will pick up baked fruit in brown sugar, floral honey and lychee notes. In infusion, a slight acidity brings to mind pineapple and ripe pear whilst the texture is viscous and smooth.

Loose Leaf Oriental Beauty Supreme Oolong Tea
Glass teacup of Oriental Beauty Supreme

How to Make Oriental Beauty Supreme?

In keeping with many exceptional teas, Oriental Beauty Supreme may be infused several times without losing flavour or aroma. For drinking solo, I suggest using our gong fu teapot with 6g leaf, boiling water for three minutes.

For the more adventurous or connoisseur, and for sharing with friends, use our Tea Master, almost fill with dry leaf and infuse for around a minute up to six times.

Oriental Beauty Supreme is an oolong tea, which means the leaves are partially oxidised imparting complex flavour characteristics to the infusion. It’s an iconic tea from Taiwan, home of many excellent oolong varieties. Find out more about the world of oolongs here.



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Loose Leaf Oriental Beauty Supreme

Oriental Beauty Supreme

A truly exceptional example of an iconic Taiwanese oolong.

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