Array of afternoon tea treats

Add a contemporary twist to a classic occasion with an afternoon tea mezze infused with the flavours of the Levant.

Our recipes combine the warming spices of cardamom and nutmeg, the floral scent of rosewater and honey - all brilliantly complimented by a cup of full-bodied Yunnan Gold tea.

Strawberry Scone with Tea infuser, time and rosebuds

Scones with Rose Scented Cream

First up in our collection of afternoon tea inspired recipes is our simple but delicious scones with rose-scented cream.

Afternoon tea just wouldn’t be the same without scones. Break with convention and fill warm plain scones with sliced fresh strawberries and dollops of rose scented cream.

To make the cream add one tablespoon of rosewater and one dessertspoon of icing sugar to every 150 ml of double cream and whisk together until soft peaks form.

Tea Pairing: Whole Rosebuds or Yunnan Gold