Deep Dive Into Sencha
    Explore the taste, origin and master behind our current batch of Sencha – a steamed Japanese green tea which packs loads of spring leaf refreshment and is skillfully crafted by two tea masters.
    Our Lockdown Favourites
    Explore some of our favourite books, shows and podcasts for a food, nature and travel fix from home. From Ron Finley to the brains behind the company 'Row 7 Seeds', meet some of the heroes we've been inspired by in lockdown.
    How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea With Milk & Elevate Your Cream Tea
    Online searches for 'cream tea' home deliveries in the UK have risen by 750% since lockdown began! But how do you elevate your cream tea? We think that there are just five simple rules you need to follow.
    Deep Dive Into Jasmine Silver Needle
    The ancient tea gardens of Yunnan have produced tea for millennia...
    Deep Dive Into Keemun Mao Feng
    With its majestic mountain scenery, classic architecture, and long history of...
    How To Know Whether Your Tea Is Fresh & Why It’s Important
    Did you know that tea can take up to a year to reach supermarket shelves? It’s a great shame because to get the best aromatics, flavours and tastes that make tea remarkable in almost all cases, a tea needs to be drunk as close to when it was produced as possible – and at the longest, within the first year.
    Navigating Tea Labels
    With the consumption of 'speciality tea' on the rise and supermarkets expanding their offering to a huge variety of different teas with exotic names, flavours and with the promise of miracle health benefits, it can be confusing and overwhelming to know what to look for. This guide takes you through the 5 things to always look for on tea labels, so you'll always know what you're getting.
    Jade Sword vs. Sencha: What’s the Difference?
    Will you prefer the deeper, steamed vegetal and umami-rich green leaves from Shizuoka in Japan, or the refreshingly smooth, floral and grassy-sweet green leaves from Hunan in China?
    Deep Dive Into Organic Yunnan White Peony
    Our series of deep dives show you the taste, origin and producer behind each tea and the best ways to prepare them. Delve into this new organic White Peony to find out why Yunnan province stood out to us and how producer Yang Encan's tea represents a more unique interpretation of White Peony.
    Meet Yong Luo
    Get to know what life is like living on Shuang Ji Niang, a remote mountain in China’s Phoenix range, with producer Yong Luo who makes our Phoenix Honey Orchid tea.
    A Guide to the Four Seasons of Tea
    In this guide we take you through what teas to expect when so you can enjoy the best flavours each season has to offer.
    Deep Dive Into Traditional Iron Buddha
    In this deep dive we get to know our latest batch of Traditional Iron Buddha, the original style of China’s most famous oolong tea. It’s one that’s becoming harder to find, but certainly a tea that we are always excited to have around.
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