Jade Sword ™ vs. Sencha: What’s the Difference?
    Will you prefer the deeper, steamed vegetal and umami-rich green leaves from Shizuoka in Japan, or the refreshingly smooth, floral and grassy-sweet green leaves from Hunan in China?
    Deep Dive Into Organic Yunnan White Peony
    Our series of deep dives show you the taste, origin and producer behind each tea and the best ways to prepare them. Delve into this new organic White Peony to find out why Yunnan province stood out to us and how producer Yang Encan's tea represents a more unique interpretation of White Peony.
    Meet Yong Luo
    Get to know what life is like living on Shuang Ji Niang, a remote mountain in China’s Phoenix range, with producer Yong Luo who makes our Phoenix Honey Orchid tea.
    A Guide to the Four Seasons of Tea
    In this guide we take you through what teas to expect when so you can enjoy the best flavours each season has to offer.
    Deep Dive Into Traditional Iron Buddha
    In this deep dive we get to know our latest batch of Traditional Iron Buddha, the original style of China’s most famous oolong tea. It’s one that’s becoming harder to find, but certainly a tea that we are always excited to have around.
    Yunnan Gold: In Context
    Our In Contexts compare the flavours, textures and moods of specific teas with others to give you an idea of what to try next and which styles and regions will work for you. This week we're looking at Yunnan Gold – a regional style of black tea that offers a thick, malty and chocolatey infusion.
    To Boil or Not to Boil: Water Temperature for Tea Explained
    There's been a lot of excitement in the headlines this week caused by a journalist claiming it's wrong to make tea with boiling water. We think it’s a great debate and actually many teas do taste better when made with cooler water – but then again sometimes only boiling water will do. ⁣Check out our simple guide to find out what temperature water will give you the best flavour tea.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    Meet Subroto Sen
    Get to know what life’s like in Darjeeling with producer Subroto Sen. He’s a pioneer of organic farming and long-time head of Badamtam, one of the region’s oldest and most innovative gardens. Sen came to Darjeeling for the fish and to escape the office thirty five years ago. He stayed for the mountains, the dancing, the dumplings and for the “self-drinking” tea.
    Darjeeling First Flush vs. Darjeeling Second Flush: What’s the Difference?
    Want to know the differences between Darjeeling First Flush & Second Flush? They're both thick, fruity and satisfying ways to taste the high mountains, but made in different seasons they have distinct tastes. Find out which one will be to your taste.
    Deep Dive Into Silver Needle Supreme
    Our series of Deep Dives show you the taste, origin and master behind each tea and the best ways to prepare them. This week we're diving into Silver Needle – it's the top grade of white tea and this batch is from its true home in Fuding County, Fujian.
    Tea and Nature – Making the Connection
    Drinking single garden tea is one of the easiest ways to connect to nature. This week, Felicity shares a list of everything you'll need to get outdoors with your favourite cup of tea, and reveals why she had to choose Iron Buddha when she was adventuring in Scotland this summer.
    Deep Dive Into Genmaicha
    Our series of deep dives show you the taste, origin and master behind each tea and the best ways to prepare them. Explore the latest on our Genmaicha, a traditional folk tea from Japan.
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