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4th July 2014


An Extraordinary Dragon Well

Dragon Well Gold - West Lake 2014

We are delighted to present our 2014 Dragon Well Gold

"'This is Dragon Well perfection, so rarely found, and is the highlight of my spring and summer. I love sitting in the garden with good friends, introducing them to this tea at its best - knowing that they will have a new appreciation for true Chinese tea." Edward Eisler, founder of JING

From the seat of ancient tea tradition, we've secured a truly extraordinary example of authentic Dragon Well. Mei Jia Wu village, hidden away in the surrounding hills of West Lake and home of our 2014 Dragon Well Gold, is one of the only five designated and protected centres for Dragon Well production.

These exquisite spears of rounded leaf are the culmination of masterfully controlled processes. The lightest touch of firing enhances the classic chestnut notes and teases out the beautiful floral aromas. The Dragon Well experience is completed by its smooth and syrupy texture.

A Human Touch
The "Pre-Qing Ming" mark not only singles out our Dragon Well with the highest accolade of spring tea harvest, but also tells us about the passion the master craftsmen and women bring to the firing and processing of this wonderfully verdant leaf.

From the harvest of these delicate "Pre-Qing Ming" buds and leaves to the light firings which shape and fix their natural flavour without false modification, with very experienced hands, rather than machines, doing all the work.

Innovation Meets Tradition
Our producers employ new approaches to bring out the best in the tea, for example nurturing the tea trees by gently fanning them during winter to ward off settling frost.

Tea Garden to Table

As always, the secret to fantastic spring tea is to keep it fresh. Nitrogen packing at source is the only way to preserve that natural floral scent, vibrant colour and exquisite texture. Mei Jia Wu's iconic jade-green tea will reach you just as it left West Lake.

To appreciate the subtle nuances of taste, we recommend preparing our Dragon Well Gold using filtered or good quality mineral water such as Highland Spring or Volvic.

Try our 2014 Dragon Well Gold while it is fresh and at its best.