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27th June 2017


Anji Green Tea and Seabass Ceviche | Tea Pairing

Green Tea Food Pairing

Tea Pairing: The freshest couple in June

In the spirit of the truly fresh, we've taken our Anji Green Tea 2017 and considered a tea pairing that not only complements the sweet, sappy and floral notes of the tea but is just as in season: the mighty sea bass.

What better way to prepare the fish than to keep intact its soft, sweet and fleshy integrity in an easy ceviche? Alongside this, we're celebrating the peak of the radish season with crisp rounds of mooli - aka daikon - radish. The pepper-complex of this raw vegetable only enhances the lovely sappy-quality of the tea and adds a good bite.

Easy, delicious and impressive, this dish is also totally adaptable to your taste, so be prepared to play with different variations. Add fruit, or sweet potato, and a wealth of different herbs to achieve the best flavour for you.


Serves 6 as a starter or small plate

3 fresh whole seabass, filleted, skinned and sliced into 1cm lengths

200g radish - sliced into rounds

1 Turkish mooli – sliced into rounds

1 small red onion – finely chopped

2 avocados – diced

1 green chilli – finely sliced


Roughly chopped handfuls of coriander, parsley, tarragon

1 Tsp sugar

½ tsp salt

Whole cucumber – roughly diced

Pepper to season

Juice of 6 limes


Combine and toss all ingredients except lime juice and fish so that you can set aside portions for vegetarian friends.

Combine fish and lime juice in separate bowl and leave to rest for 10-minutes.

Mix and serve with coarse bread or sweet potato crisps, as well as a round of hot and fresh Anji Green Tea 2017. The floral, creamy and quenching taste of the tea pairs beautifully with the crisp pepperiness of the radish and the soft, sweet flesh of the seabass.

Pair With...

Anji 'Bai Cha' Green Tea

This is truly exceptional Chinese green tea and one of our favourites every year. Picked right at the start of spring from Yu Lan tea garden in Anji County, Zhejiang. This Anji Bai Cha combines spring floral scents, sweet sappiness, and a lush, creamy texture. These plump two leaf and bud sets are are expertly picked and processed from the very first growth of the season.

To get the very best from this tea, it's important to infuse it with water that is no hotter than 70°C.