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24th July 2018


At Its Best: Celebrating the Season of the Rose

As July draws to a close, we celebrate the height of the

summer with a taste of rose. From our NEW Raspberry & Rose

fruit and floral infusion, and rose tea collection; to a seasonal

recipe inspired by this beautiful flower; finishing with an

interview with heritage rose expert and founder of the

Real Flower Company, Rosebie Morton.

Spotlight On: Raspberry & Rose

The Origin
Tom, our Head of Tea, spent nearly two years sourcing the highest quality ingredients of real pieces of fruit, whole flowers and natural herbs — and nothing else — blending them to create truly indulgent and pure infusions. Flash-drying protects the integrity and essence of each element.

The Leaf
Pieces of real raspberry and rosehip shells are highlighted by whole pink rosebuds and bright yellow osmanthus flowers.

The Infusion
The subtle perfume of whole rosebuds is imbued with the tart fragrance of real raspberry pieces and the ripe, fruity aroma of osmanthus flowers. This soft pink infusion feels jammy on the palate
and is complemented by the gently sour character of rosehip shells, delivering complexity and an elegant, floral finish.

An Interview with Rose Expert, Rosebie Morton

When we spoke with Rosebie on a hot July day, she took the time to show us around her flower bed, going to great lengths to explain the balance between nature and nurture and how - even after 20 years of running the business - nature still gets the better of her.

She's convinced she might have been a rose in a past life, and recalls that as a child her favourite thing to do was to bury her face in her grandmother's roses. At the age of 18 when she first visited a flower shop, she was disappointed to find the scent just wasn't the same and started growing her own roses in her mother's garden.

20 years later, she describes how the business has grown, and reveals the true quality of the celebrated rose.

Enjoy the subtle notes of rose tea, paired with an easy recipe for raspberry and coconut cakes.

Rose Tea Pairings

Our Tea with Food series explores the relationship between food and tea - the charming fragrance of the rose lends itself well to a variety of food, especially cakes, pastries and desserts.

Explore the series to discover the story behind the origins of the Persian Love Cake, Anna Jones' Mother's Day recipe for coconut and raspberry cakes, and a beautiful recipe for a raspberry and rose layer cake from food influencer Louise Robinson of Cygnet Kitchen blog.

Discover Rose Teas

Raspberry & Rose Tea

The subtle perfume of whole rosebuds is imbued with the tart fragrance of real raspberry pieces and the ripe, fruity aroma of osmanthus flowers.

Ceylon and Rose Loose Tea

Ceylon & Rose

A rich, smooth black tea from the diverse soils of Ceylon, uplifted by the delicate scent of natural rosebuds, rendering a deeply fragrant infusion.

Cup of Whole Rosebuds Infusion

Whole Rosebud Tea

This beautiful loose leaf, natural herbal tea  is composed of only whole rosebuds and nothing more - dried slowly to retain essential oils and clarity of taste.