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2nd April 2009


At the tea bar - Afternoon Tea not as you know it

The sun is streaming into the office this afternoon so I thought I would make some tea at our tea bar. Following on from yesterday and the news of Browns winning best afternoon tea in London, I thought I would show you a different but equally good kind of afternoon (or anytime) tea.

Using one of our hand made Duanni Yixing Clay Teapots I made a lovely pot of Tieguanyin oolong tea. This teapot is a gem, in the traditional Chinese style, it's small and made from a very special type of clay, of which there is little remaining in China. It's a rich, red brown colour with an unusual but very natural looking shape.  When pouring, the tea leaves the spout in a lovely smooth arc of liquid as I hope the photo shows.

The clay that these pots are made of is extremely absorbent so if you use one for oolongs over a long period of time, they're said to absorb the flavour of the tea resulting in an even tastier cup. Legend/urban myth has it that after years of use of this type of pot, you can just pour hot water in and out will come tea! The Zisha Clay Teapot is hand made from a similar clay and has a slightly more classic shape.

While they are a bit of a hefty investment, if you're looking to enjoy tea for many years to come, these little pots are great.