Inspired by all the talk of new spring green teas, I thought I would show you one of my favourites, Anji Bai Cha. It's probably the nicest green tea I've ever had. Both the dry leaves and the post infusion leaves have this fantastically deep green colour which I've not seen before, even in the freshest Dragon Wells. This time I'm using our One Cup Teapot set which is easy and convenient to use (I have two at my desk at all times as I alternate between two or more types of tea a day!).

A couple of good pinches of the dry leaves and then 70 degree water added.

3 minutes for infusion and you're left with a full cup and no water left in the teapot (they're the same size). Anji Bai has a lovely sweet, fresh and sappy flavour and I enjoy every cup without fail.

I've tried to show what I mean about the depth of colour in the Anji Bai leaves. To me they just look so fresh and healthy and I can't help but feel that along with being delicious it's also doing me good!

I'm looking forward to the new batch at the end of the month!