• London Wine Week

    Is tea the new wine? | The Pour

    As the trend for enjoying alcohol declines, we speculate the rise of specialty tea in hospitality.

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  • Wilder x RYE London | Seasonal Supperclubs

    We're excited to announce a collaboration with chef Richard McLellan. Book your tickets now.

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  • Spotlight On: Our Japanese Supreme Matcha Tea

    Your guide to Japanese Matcha Green Tea. How to make, enjoy, and more.

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  • Tea Pairings: Matcha and Asparagus

    Vegan Asparagus Tempura & Matcha | Tea Pairing

    A pairing for Matcha green tea and seasonal British Asparagus: Vegan and gluten-free, too.

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  • Spotlight On: Japanese Sencha Green Tea

    We take a closer look at the origins and production of this beautiful Japanese green tea. Find out more.

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  • Filled Portobello Mushrooms & Sencha | Tea Pairing

    An easy recipe for grilled mushrooms, filled with cheese, nuts, and beetroot. Paired with Japanese Sencha.

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  • London Review of Books and Tea

    London Review of Books

    At JING we source exceptional teas from the most prestigious tea growing regions and stunning teaware designed to bring the ceremony of tea into your home.

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  • Visiting China: Sourcing Spring Teas | Tom's Travels

    Ahead of our annual sourcing trip to find spring teas, we discuss terroir and what makes a tea special.

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  • Ed Eisler | The Value of Tea

    Listen to our founder, Ed Eisler, as he discusses the real value of a cup of tea. Originally aired on Monocle Radio 24.

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  • Fresh Picked Jasmine Flowers in the Palm of a Hand

    Traditional Chinese Egg Cakes | Tea Pairings

    A simple pairing for Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea and traditional Chinese egg cakes.

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  • Tea Gifts Guide for Her

    Top Five Tea Gifts for Mother's Day

    Our quick and handy guide to finding a thoughtful tea gift this Mother's Day.

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  • Spotlight on Jade Sword

    Spotlight On: Organic Jade Sword ™ Green Tea

    We spotlight on our bestselling Organic Jade Sword ™ Green Tea looking at origin, how to make, and how else to enjoy.

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