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3rd February 2017


Breakfast in Bed | Tea Pairings

We all need an excuse to stay in bed some mornings. What makes these occasions extra special though, is taking breakfast there too. It's a lovely way to enjoy a slow moment; making crumbs, drinking something delicious and comforting, and catching up on the week just passed.


Of course, no breakfast would be without an excellent cup of tea. Here are just a few suggestions for pairing tea with your breakfast foods, beyond the British brew. With thanks to our Head of Sourcing, Tom Price, for his keen palate and excellent knowledge of great taste.

Tea and Breakfast in Bed

Something light and fruity

While it's tempting to go for a full English breakfast, your bed probably isn't the safest place to enjoy one. A light and uplifting fruit salad, however, is an easy and delicious place to start.

For bright fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, and kiwi, we'd recommend our  Jasmine Silver Needle white tea. It's delicate and mellow, and extremely refreshing.

For sweet fruits such as pineapple and peaches, our Li Shan oolong tea is lightly oxidised and tightly rolled. On infusion, the tea has a pristine bright yellow colour and an amazingly floral and sweet aroma. Unfurling in the cup, the leaves are large and long, which is the result of its slow growth at high altitude. And the taste? Floral, creamy, and quenching.

Toast and Jam on a Tray with JING Whole Rosebuds Infusion on a Gold Tray

A simple and easy classic

The whole reason for breakfast in bed is to be able to linger there late into the morning, so it's hardly likely you'll want to be spending time preparing much in the kitchen.

An obvious choice for something as simple as a good, thick sourdough toast is a black tea that is rich and robust.  Picked in the lush surroundings of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, our Ceylon Breakfast is just that, as well as being aromatic and malty.

If you're a marmalade-lover, our Golden Gong Fu is a remarkably fresh and fruity black tea with enticing aromas of lily, plum and caramel.

For strawberry-jam and a caffeine-free start, try our beautiful Whole Rosebuds.

Breakfast tea pairings with porridge

Traditional, with a twist

If porridge oats are your thing, the good news is that they're very quick to prepare hot within minutes, or cold overnight.

What's more, you can top them with a wealth of interesting additions, such as nuts, fruits and honey, pairing beautifully with our white teas.

For something a little different, we recently discovered the delicious savoury combination of feta, avocado, kale sauteed with a little chilli, and a poached egg. We urge you to try it along with a fresh, grassy cup of our Jade Sword green tea. It's one our bestsellers for a good reason; bursting with sweet spring flavour.

Just a tea, please

No time for breakfast? Or plans to pop out for brunch? You'll still need a tea to start the day.

Peppermint Leaf Loose Tea

Whole Peppermint


Frequently referred to as 'the best peppermint tea in the world' by our customers, this caffeine-free infusion is a lively way to start the day. The good news is that it can be reinfused at least a couple of times, and it also tastes great cold.

Assam Breakfast


There's not a week that goes by where we don't hear our founder, Ed, say out loud "I challenge anyone to drink our Assam Breakfast Tea for seven days and not be converted from the supermarket black teas they were drinking before".

Challenge accepted?

Dragon Well Loose Tea

Dragon Well


Our Dragon Well green tea  is China's most famous green tea, produced in the hills around Hangzhou's West Lake. This perfect introduction to the unique taste of Dragon Well combines grassy spring freshness and hazelnut sweetness. A fantastic green tea for everyday drinking.