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11th November 2020


Buying a Tea Gift Set Online

How Buying a Tea Gift Set Online is More Than Just a Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

Our tea gift sets will invite your loved ones into the fascinating and delicious world of tea, where they’ll unwrap a whole new experience of taste. The great thing about our tea gift sets is that you can give them to just about anyone; from a partner to a colleague. Beginning a journey that will let them explore even more flavours - an ideal way to say something special, with lots of options to choose from.

If you’re not sure what tea type you’re looking for, from a light and refreshing herbal tea to a more robust, earthy Puerh, then choosing the perfect teaware is a great place to start. Our Tea-iere selection ranges in sizes from one cup (250ml) to one litre and makes infusing our teas really easy. Simply add the recommended amount of tea into the tea-iere and fill with hot water, then pour out the perfect cup and enjoy. They work for every kind of tea and feature an ergonomic design made of durable borosilicate glass.

We also have the right tools for all areas of tea. Our matcha shakers are a popular way to make matcha on the go, easier than ever. If quality green tea is the kind of gift you’re looking for, then our ceremonial grade matcha would be a great idea for the ideal daily tea ritual. Alternatively, our Tea Master would allow them to experience the tranquil ritual that tea making offers. Something you can use time and time again to explore and experiment with new flavours.

Tea types vary extensively which means there’s lots to try and one that’s right for you. For tea gifts, we have a range of favourites like our single origin breakfast teas and earl grey, which would be sure to please anyone. However, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, our loose leaf, Jasmine Silver Needle white tea is a refreshingly delicious choice for those just starting their tea journey. Flowering teas are also a unique gift and a centre piece for your dinner party. They’re hand-made pearls of carefully rolled tea leaves and flowers that, when infused in hot water, expand and unfurl into beautiful arrangements which look as good as they taste. Also, for those who might benefit from the ease of tea on the go, our biodegradable tea bags are packed with the same ingredients as our loose leaf tea. And available for all of our most popular options, which you’ll find in our Classic Tea Explorer collection, making tea for one more accessible than ever.

Recently launched, our Jasmine Pearls Sparkling Tea is a non-alcoholic beverage with zero sugar, ABV, artificial preservatives or calories. Made with our bright, floral Jasmine Pearls green tea, this champagne alternative will give anyone reason to celebrate this holiday season.

Still having trouble finding the perfect gift? We’re always happy to discuss and explore the options that are available to you. Alternatively, you can use the tea finder on our website to pairs specific flavours and moods to find the one that’s right for you.