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10th August 2015


Ceremony and Travel

Field of Chamomile Flowers and blue sunny sky

As the holiday season draws to a close, we’ve been reflecting on travel and the importance of ceremony and connecting with others when away. The physical act of travelling,whether it be to far flung shores or closer to home, brings with it a change of perspective and an opportunity to celebrate being with the ones you love.

Sharing in the mutual appreciation of simple and much needed indulgent pleasures relaxes and invigorates the mind. Whether it be an inspiring view, delicious plate of food, or fine wine, the luxury of time allows us to enjoy these moments a little longer when we travel.

Traditional Chinese Gong Fu ceremony with porcelain gaiwan, pitcher and tea tasting cups

For us, tea and travel complement each other perfectly. A time to engage both the senses and the mind, our loose tea leaves unfurl and come to life in our hand blown glass teaware, allowing infusion of aromas and clarity of colour. It is an absorbing and uplifting ceremony for the spirit.

In a world of distraction, we all need focus. Enjoy escaping with your JING Tea Ceremony.