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12th November 2014


Christmas Tea Gift For Him

Traditional Chinese Gong Fu ceremony with porcelain gaiwan, pitcher and tea tasting cups

There’s more to the world of tea than traditional afternoon tea; it comes with a wealth of connoisseurship, history and culture. Great tea holds a depth and breadth of flavour akin to some of the world’s finest whiskies and wines. As with grapes for wine, from region to region, terroir to terroir, traditional process to the next, each and every tea will differ.

This is what excites us at JING as we go through the year tasting each season’s finest harvest from the across the globe. If you are stuck for gift ideas this Christmas, browse our gift suggestions.

For The Seasoned Connoisseur.

It's our mission to source the world’s finest teas, finding examples that are rarely found outside their country of origin. Every year we select a small range of the very best teas we find which are often only produced in very limited quantities.

Edward Eisler, JING’s founder, signalled out our Taiwanese Traditional Iron Buddha Supreme as his top tea of 2014.

For The Whisky Fanatic

There are great similarities between Pu erh and whisky. Both develop their complex flavours through ageing. The ageing process for puerh adds a fascinating dimension, making the tea richer, smoother, mellower and more complex but without losing the original life of the young fresh leaf. The Puerh Explorer set is a great way to discover the range of flavours of this relatively undiscovered tea type. Pu erh is best made in our Gongfu Master Set.

For The Avid Coffee Drinker

There is a great deal in the world of tea to convert even the most ardent coffee fan. To start, we suggest exploring oolong teas at the more roasted end of the spectrum.

If he loves the rich, nutty flavours of a Brazilian or Columbian coffee, our Wuyi Oolong is a great choice. Amongst the most prized teas in China, Wuyi Oolong is a decadent tea with notes of chocolate, roasted nuts and smooth muscovado.

The fruit notes of an Ethiopian coffee have a lot in common with Phoenix Honey Orchid, a dark but intensely floral and fruity oolong from Guangdong. Oolongs are best infused in our One Cup Tea pot Set.

For an instant boost there is no tea like matcha. It's a vibrant, rich and creamy green tea bursting with antioxidants. Equipped with a modern or classic matcha set, he could be enjoying Japan's finest matcha in no time.

Upgrade Your Breakfast Tea – Assam Breakfast

After months of refining and perfecting our new blend, we have found the perfect combination of strength, smooth texture and classic malty flavour. We truly believe that our new JING Assam Breakfast is the best breakfast tea available, robust and flavourful enough to satisfy strong-tea-drinkers and connoisseurs alike. Great with or without milk and available in teabags and loose tea. For a large morning cup of tea we recommend our JING Tea-iere.

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