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9th June 2017


Cold Infused Silver Needle Tea with Elderflower

Did you know that hot tea cools you down? The temperature of the water encourages perspiration, which evaporates on the skin leaving you feeling cool and lowering your body temperature. If, however, you really can't face a hot cup of tea, there are always lots of different cold infused teas to enjoy instead.


Cold infusions are easy to prepare, just use filtered water at room temperature and follow the recipe below. We recommend using our 1litre Tea-iere to prepare a good volume of cold infused tea to enjoy over a warm spring or summer afternoon.

Cold Infused Elderflower with Tea

Cold Infused Silver Needle Tea with Elderflower


We've picked fresh elderflower - which is in abundance through June and early July - and paired it with our sweet, mellow and soothing silver needle white tea. Together, the two work perfectly to make a balanced, refreshing and delicious cold tea.
  • Silver Needle White Tea: 15g
  • Fresh Elderflower*: Two large handfuls, washed carefully and stalks trimmed
  • One litre of fresh and filtered water

Add ingredients to a 1L Tea-iere and cover. Pop in the fridge for: Duration: Two hours but can be left up to eight. Decant fully and enjoy.

*Where possible, pick your elderflower on a sunny day when the flower has fully opened up. This imparts a more noticeable fragrance to the cold infusion.