11th December 2019

By Olivia Cox

Festive Tea & Food Pairings

Pairing Tea With Food

In many tea producing countries in Asia, tea is often drunk throughout the meal as opposed to the Western way of typically drinking tea at the end of the meal. The range of flavours and textures across different teas means there is every opportunity to find pairings with food that enhance the overall dining experience.

For our Michelin-starred restaurant partners, mastering the art of pairing tea with food is becoming just as important as choosing the ultimate wines to accompany the flavours of a delicious meal. We work closely to advise on pairings, such as with Club Gascon in London, where we recommended teas that pair with their five and seven-course tasting menus.

To help you transform a regular dish into a unique culinary experience and impress any guests you may be hosting this Christmas, JING's Head of Tea, Tom Price, has selected six authentic single garden teas from our range that perfectly complement classic Christmas recipes.

Wild Mushrooms & Poached Egg on Sourdough Tea Pairings

For this recipe we used an equal combination of girolle, chanterelle and shiitake mushrooms which were cooked in a little butter with no seasoning. Mushrooms are typically strong in umami with some vegetal flavours and a little sappiness.

JING Organic Jade Sword - an exceptional green tea bursting with sweet, spring fresh flavour. The umami qualities of the mushrooms perfectly complement the umami character in the tea, whilst accentuating the subtle sweetness in Jade Sword. This creates a refreshing contrast and a beautifully soft mouthfeel.

JING Yellow Gold - a sumptuous Chinese oolong with floral notes of meadow grass, linseed and golden syrup that are highlighted by the umami flavour of the mushrooms. The infusion renders a full-bodied sweetness providing a counterpoint to the savoury mushrooms and rich egg yolk.

Mince Pies Tea Pairings

JING Ali Shan - the unmistakable creamy sweetness of this oolong tea is accentuated by the buttery shortcrust pastry of the mince pies, giving an extremely satisfying mouthfeel. The tea also has subtle stone fruit notes which complement the dried fruit in the mincemeat.

JING Red Dragon - a JING favourite, this enticing black tea is multi-layered with flavours of lychee and raspberry that pair beautifully with the sweet spiced fruit filling in the mince pies. The depth of flavours and textures in the tea balance the intensity and richness of this Christmas favourite.



Gingerbread Tea Pairings

JING Vintage Imperial Puerh - an unexpected pairing of fantastic synergies. This tea is full-bodied with complex character and rich incense woodiness. By matching similar base notes in the gingerbread, the tea allows space for the zesty and aromatic ginger spice to be highlighted.

JING Chai - a comforting blend of natural exotic spices with rich depth of Ceylon black tea. With cinnamon, ginger and cardamom in complement to the similar spices in the gingerbread, this pairing provides a warming, uplifting finish – perfect to enjoy over the festive season.

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