For today's #followfriday on Twitter we want to do something special for our American customers.

We've had a look at where our American customers are based and can see that we have customers in fourteen U.S states: Texas, California, New York, Delaware, Wisconsin, Washington, New Jersey, Virginia, Utah, Massachusetts, Illinois, Florida, Michigan and Conneticut. So, as everything on #followfriday begins with f, we want to get customers in not just fourteen but all fifty states. So we're looking for our current U.S twitter followers to recommend us to their friends in states that aren't in the list above. In return, we'll give the recommender and the recommendee a 15% discount voucher to use on the JING website.

So it will work like this, recommend your friend and get them to follow us on @JINGTea and then get them to write the following message or similar:@JINGTea, @texascustomer said I should check you out, I'm from (State), can you give us our discount please? Of course we'll follow all newcomers too. I hope this isn't too complicated but it's interesting to experiment like this and Twitter is the ideal tool for doing so. Hope you all enjoy the tea. We'll keep doing this every Friday until we get to 50 states!