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3rd February 2017


A Guide to Tea Gifts

JING Infuser Mug and Sand Timer Gift Set

The enjoyment of tea isn't just in the pleasure of its taste and comforting warmth, but for the time taken to prepare it. An excuse to 'press pause' in a busy day, a cup of tea in a world of distraction is a modern, everyday ritual for many.

We're firm believers in enjoying tea at its best. After all, so much time and care has been taken with the picking, sourcing, and preparing of our teas, why compromise on the most important moment?

You might say that the same philosophy applies to giving a gift. We spend so much time and effort looking for something meaningful, that's unwrapped in a flash, and where the novelty can often wear off quickly.

Giving a tea gift is like giving 'the gift of time': providing moments together, giving a reason for time to ourselves, or as an interesting new habit to explore and taste. Beyond your everyday brew, good quality and exciting tea is an excuse for real, everyday luxury.

With this in mind, we've created a comprehensive tea gift guide to help you along the way.

Ready to Gift

Tea caddy and timer gift set


Filled with some of our most popular loose leaf teas, our Tea Caddies were designed for total freshness, ensuring great tasting tea every time.

They also make a neat and easy gift - or extra gift - alongside our beautiful, hand-blown glassware.

Buy them individually, or as part of a set with our glass tea timer, or our popular glass infuser mug.

Matcha Bowl, Whisk and Spoon Set

Matcha Set

The classic Matcha Tea Set comes with everything you need for a traditional ceremony, including an elegant "Kazuho" bamboo whisk hand-made by one of the most renowned whisk makers in Japan, a bamboo "chashaku" tea spoon and a beautiful deep black and rich red-brown bowl.

The complete set with tea includes a 30g tin of our Matcha green tea, sourced from Kagoshima, in the far south of Japan.

JING Tea Explorer with Tea-iere


New to tea or looking to embark into a different tea type? Our Tea Explorer Sets are ideal as an introduction to the exciting world of tea. We have an explorer for every tea type (there are six) and a special 'Gateway Explorer Set' if you're looking to try one of each.

Available to buy just with tea, or with the add-on of our simplest piece of teaware - the 'Tea-iere' - perfect for mastering the art of tea at its best.

New to Tea

JING Infuser Mug with Infusion

Tea Infuser Mug

 At home or at the office, you do not need to settle for a dusty tea bag or dried out herbal infusion. With our Tea Infuser, you can enjoy our exceptional whole leaf tea anywhere.

The glass lid keeps the tea warm while it infuses, and can then be inverted to hold the infuser basket, so no drips or spills and you are left with the perfect cup of tea.

Whole Rosebuds Loose Tea

Whole Rosebuds

A popular choice - especially around Valentine's Day - our Whole Rosebuds are as soothing as they are charming. While not a 'tea' as such, they are a great, caffeine-free herbal infusion and the ultimate remedy for a fatigued body and mind.

Customer Jen Aggleton says:

'These rosebuds make a fantastic, delicate tea with just the right balance of flavours. They also look beautiful, so it's well worth serving in a glass teapot to allow you to enjoy the visual aesthetic as well as the taste!'

Earl Grey Loose Tea

Earl Grey

To create our definitive version of this popular classic, we've selected a delicious full-bodied base from Ruhuna in Sri Lanka. A touch of natural bergamot tempers the tea's richness and a sprinkling of bright blue cornflowers adds visual flare. A long standing favourite amongst JING customers.

Our Earl Grey tea can be enjoyed with or without milk – its addition complements rather than overwhelms.

For Taste Explorers

JING Tea-iere with Infusion


Our simplest piece of glassware with 100% filter, our beautiful tea-iere is not only neat and durable, but also allows ample room for your loose tea to unfurl before your eyes.

Forgot cracked, old teapots: the tea-iere is an ideal tea gift to really see and celebrate your tea.

Jasmine Pearls Loose Tea

Jasmine Pearls

Consistently a best-selling tea, our Jasmine Pearls are scented with only the freshest jasmine flowers and picked in Fujian, China.

Each pearl is hand-made by nimbly rolling spring-fresh green tea into pearls. Once dried, the pearls are stored until summer when jasmine flowers blossom. Over five consecutive nights, when the temperature is just cool enough, the tea is repeatedly scented with the fresh blossom.

A true labour of love.

Sencha Loose Tea

 Sencha Green Tea

Picked in May on the banks of the Sasama river in Kawane, Shizuoka, our Japanese Sencha Tea is expertly steamed and rolled to give a satisfyingly thick texture and sweet, grassy-fresh taste.

A Japanese green tea, it's markedly different to those that you will try from China. What's the difference between Chinese and Japanese Tea? You can find out more here.

For Connoisseurs

JING Tea Master and Cup

Tea Master

Our Tea Master was inspired by traditional ceremony, but designed for today. A very special tea gift, we recommend it for those who are familiar with tea culture, or for those that admire great design and are looking for a new hobby to embark upon.

Neatly designed and compact, it infuses tea in short and fast pours, really enhancing the flavour profile of the tea.

It's ideal for exploring the world of our Oolong Teas.

Li Shan Loose Tea

Li Shan Oolong

 Our Li Shan Oolong Tea will taste like nothing else to anyone who tries it - floral, creamy, and quenching - but will mean a lot to connoisseurs of Oolong Tea.

Grown on one of the tallest mountains in Taiwan - Taichung - it is picked at an altitude of 2000m above sea level, resulting in large, beautiful leaves that unfurl fully in the cup.

It's also one of our founder's very favourites.

Oriental Beauty Loose Tea

 Oriental Beauty Supreme

An exceptional example of an oolong grown at a lower altitude, our Oriental Beauty Supreme is highly aromatic with notes of apple, grape and fragrant wood.

The beautifully shaped, white tipped leaf is testament to its carefully controlled oxidisation, keeping the leaf whole and intact.

Our Head of Tea, Tom Price, described it as 'flawless' after he had been searching for a tea of this quality for many years. You can read more about the sourcing story here.