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19th August 2014


How Earl Grey Should Be


We've thought long and hard about what makes great Earl Grey. The quality and variety of Earl Grey available is vast and no two Earl Greys are the same. The result comes down to the careful selection of two ingredients - the base black tea and the bergamot flavour. Unfortunately many Earl Greys are composed of weak or low quality black teas covered-up or overpowered with synthetic bergamot flavouring - the result is disappointing and often one dimensional.

The selection of these two key components is paramount. How do they interact, support and complement each other? We've selected a beautifully rich and smooth tea from Sri Lanka and added a touch of natural bergamot scent to uplift and enhance the authenticity of the base beneath. Find out what our customers think of the results...

"Earl Grey with a  Kick"

So many Earl Greys are insipid and forgettable. This is not the case with JING’s offering. The base tea is strong and deep as the bergamot surges through. Marie Gallagher, JING Customer

"The Best I've Ever Had"

I’ve had a real romance with Earl Grey and this Summer, I’ve found the very best. It comes from a company called JING. A Life of Geekery, Food & Lifestyle Blogger

"Deeply Satisfying & Expertly Blended"

JING makes good on their promise of a superior leaf. Deeply satisfying and expertly blended, this offering will please black tea lovers as well as Earl Grey fans. Sophie, Teaviews

Uncompromising on Taste

Ceylon | The Base

We selected this single origin Sri Lankan tea for its full taste and wonderfully smooth texture.

Bergamot | The Flaavour

Scenting with fragrant bergamot lifts the rich base tea, creating a perfectly composed classic.