Our Top Tips For Sparkling Teaware

We’ve taken inspiration from the tea ceremonies of China, the world’s oldest tea culture, where the tea ritual has been refined over thousands of years to deliver not only great taste but a moment of calm appreciation. While true to the principles of these ceremonies, our designs are suited to modern life.

Enjoying tea at its best isn't just about preparing it with skill, but also the receptacle in which you make it. Making sure that it is thoroughly cleaned each time you use it will help to ensure the great, fresh taste shines through. Your teaware will remain bright and sparkling so long as you thoroughly rinse and wash after each use. To be extra thorough though, here are our tips for getting the most from your teaware.

Assorted JING Teaware on a Shelf

Tip One


Our glass is borosilicate, meaning it’s highly durable and will withstand even the pressures of industrial dishwashers. For stubborn areas, a solution of lemon juice and baking soda rubbed gently, should lift stains clean away. Cream of tartar also works well.

Tip Two


For those hard to reach bits, we would recommend a small wire brush or pipe cleaner to lift off marks.

Tip Three


A stint in the dishwasher, or washed thoroughly with hot water ought to be enough for your glassware to shine. For a real sparkle, though, polish with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Tip Four


Our teaware is strong and durable but it doesn’t always escape accidents unscathed. You can buy replacement lids and components, without having to purchase the whole set again.