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16th March 2011


How to Make Tea

A quick guide on how to make the perfect cup of tea every time.

Use well-stored, top quality loose leaf tea...

Use loose leaf tea and make sure the tea has been stored properly; in a resealable airtight bag or tin.

Organic Anji Bai Cha Green Tea

This is particularly important for teas with more delicate flavours like green and white teas.

Wherever possible our teas are packed at source, using gas and vacuum packing, and cold stored for unrivalled freshness.

...A Small Teapot...

Small teapots allow you to control the infusion of the tea much better than larger teapots.

300ml Glass One Cup Teapot

We would recommend using one that is no larger than our 300ml Glass One Cup Teapot. We design our teaware following this simple rule to deliver optimum taste with each and every cup.

All of our teas can be infused more than once for multiple servings. Simply add freshly heated water and reinfuse.

...And Be Generous With the Leaf...

It is important to be generous with the tea and make sure you decide on the amount to use by weight and not volume.

Use around 3-5g for our 300ml Glass One Cup Teapot.

Water Temperature and Quality

Getting the water temperature right for the tea you are drinking is also crucial.

Broadly speaking, green teas, white teas and yellow teas taste best when infused with 60°C - 80°C water.

Black teas, oolong teas and puerh teas taste best with near boiling water.

It is best to use the highest quality water you can find. Filtered or bottled water is fine.

Infusion Time

Infuse the tea for 3 minutes and make sure you pour all of the infusion into a cup that is the same size or larger than the teapot.

Alternatively, you can decant the tea into a pitcher before sharing in small cups with friends over multiple infusions.

It is very important not to let the tea stew by leaving it in the teapot, as it will become astringent.

Making tea in this simple way will ensure a great tasting cup but you can always experiment with larger servings of tea and shorter infusions to find the right taste for you.